May 2 In Blogs: Osama bin Laden, Steampunk, Toby Keith, Eddie Matney, and Public Masturbation

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​​​In the 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to keep up. We have the solution. Check back on Valley Fever every evening for highlights from each of New Times' blogs.

Today's entries:

Feathered Bastard:
Osama bin Laden Dead: Debbie Schlussel Calls for Killing 1.8 Billion Muslims; Let the Crackpot Raving Begin!

Jackalope Ranch:
Lone Phoenix Resident Celebrates Death of Osama Bin Laden

Make a Steampunk Stash Box

Up on the Sun:
Next Fest, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Edward Sharpe, Dirty Beaches, and Stick Fingers Over the Weekend

Q&A: Toby Keith Reacts to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Chow Bella:
Eddie Matney Turns Up the bin Laden Heat on Facebook

"Kate Plus Ate" Royal Wedding Inspired Tea Sandwiches

Valley Fever:
Osama bin Laden's Assassination Evokes Comments From `Friends'

Public Masturbator Arrested in Tempe -- but is He THE Public Masturbator?

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