Louie Puroll of Pinal County Not Back in Uniform, Despite Alleged Recent Sighting

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Louie Puroll, a former Pinal County sheriff's deputy whose tale about getting shot by illegal-alien dope smugglers in the desert near Interstate 8 came under fire last year, is not, repeat not, back on the job.

A colleague pointed out a comment attached online to one of his stories that claimed Puroll -- who was fired late last year for lying to internal-affairs investigators after our follow-up story about his case raised new questions about his bona fides -- has been wearing his sheriff's uniform in public.


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Ex-Pinal County sheriff's deputy Louie Puroll

The comment immediately made us chuckle. By his his own account, Puroll rarely even wore his uniform when he was on duty as a range deputy on patrol in the county's wide-ranging desert areas.

So now he's wearing it?


We got to know Deputy Puroll a little during our reporting of his wacky yarn, and we just can't picture the good-old-boy donning his old uniform these days under any circumstance.

But, what the heck, we contacted Pinal County sheriff's spokesman Tim Gaffney to ask if we were missing something.

No, Gaffney told us, saying, "I would be highly shocked if he was wearing a uniform since he was terminated. He is still in the appeal process and has submitted a letter demanding a merit hearing."

Some stories never quite end.



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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

That's some great reportng there Ray.   Just call up the sheriff's office and ask them if one of their former deputies is illegally wearing their old uniform.    What are they going to say?   Why not just call Puroll and ask him too?    It's probably too much to get out of your chair and interview some witnesses.   That's not how it's done anymore right?     Just write about some opinion that someone had and then call someone to verify its legitimacy.    That's a worthwhile bit of reporting Ray.    Is this one being submitted for that Pulitzer prize you've been striding towards?

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Honestly, I wouldn't put it past him. Anyone who is willing to shoot himself in the backside to gain national attention is capable of anything. I guess if I saw a photo of him in uniform with the date actually validated would verify he's the nut he seems to be....


His name is Paul, you fucking idiot.

Native Guns
Native Guns

T.C. You cracked me up with that one. Not only is he a nut-case. He's actually a dangerous man, and that's no laughing matter. He claims to have "Mexican friends" who wanted to beat up Ray, if I recall. That guy really needs mental help or give him a bottle of Whiskey to drink his life away.

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