KPHO Sued by Perv Doc Convicted of Exposing Himself to Tanning Salon Employees

Not according to Dr. Khalid Shirif.
CBS' Phoenix affiliate KPHO has been sued by a Mesa doctor the station accused of being a pervert in terms of how he treated a few female employees.

According to Doctor Khalid Shirif, the medical director of Creative Health Care Services (Sunrise Health & Hospice), KPHO falsely reported that he fired three female employees -- Paula Winsor, Susan Brand, and Diane Guzman -- when they complained that he sexually harassed them.

"I felt he crossed the line with the text message, 'Send me a picture with your pants off,'" KPHO quoted one of the women as saying in a May 2010 broadcast.

KPHO reported that the three women said they "were demoted or fired once they complained" about the harassment.

However, in a lawsuit filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Shirif claims he received a letter written on the women's behalf demanding $7.5 million before their claims were ever made public.

Shirif claims that when he "refused to pay off Brand, Winsor, and Guzman, the woman went to the media."

He also claims the women went to both the police and the Arizona Medical Board to complain about the alleged harassment. However, Mesa police found no probable cause to pursue the women's claims of sexual harassment and assault, and the AMB dismissed the women's complaints -- information that was available to KPHO but left out of the station's broadcast, the lawsuit claims.

Shirif says the women weren't fired but quit after speaking to a lawyer.

The claim alleges that KPHO's report that "Guzman, Brand, and Winsor had been 'demoted or fired' once they complained about the alleged sexual harassment, [was] false, misleading, [and] created false impressions and implications and/or omitted critical facts concerning Dr. Shirif and Sunrise."

Doctor Khalid Shirif
However, just because KPHO is accused of screwing up the story, doesn't mean Shirif's not a pervert.

We checked his profile on the AMB website and it turns out Shirif is currently on probation for lying about a 1998 indecent-exposure conviction.

Shirif pleaded guilty in 1998 to charges that he exposed himself to women at a Minnesota tanning salon. Five women testified that Shirif tried to lure them into tanning rooms while he was undressing. He later admitted to "intentionally exposing his penis."

The letter of reprimand from the AMB goes on to say that an investigation revealed that "a different indecent exposure incident" had been reported to the Minnesota police on June 26, 1998.

Attempts to contact Shirif's attorney, Kraig Marton, were unsuccessful this afternoon.

Shirif is seeking an injunction against KPHO, an admission that its three broadcasts were false, and general, special, and punitive damages. 

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LOL, Dudes guilty.....No doubt.... Go Dr, Hard on 


If anyone doubts this Dr. committed  acts of sexual harrasement they should google his name in the states of Ohio, Utah , Minnesota and see what you find .  Theres enough evidence to support every thing KPHO said about this clown.   Also the AMB did not blow off the allegations the women claimed they reviewed it and disciplined him for the lies he made on  his application.,   Also on the internet to view.   AMB discipiline for 2010  against Drs. in Az.   


When you report what is essentially lies even if they were unintentional you need to be held accountable. People need to know that the information they get from their news stations has at the very least been validated as factual. In this case the information was not properly vetted and as a result they reported many things that either never happened or did not happen as they portrayed them. This misleading of the public must be addressed even if it was unintentional and I think it is time we held news sources to a higher standard and enact penalties when they provide false information. I agree that this guy is a perv based on what few facts we know but I think the bigger point is the accuracy of the information the public received. I hope this guy wins and gets a Sh!t-ton of money out of KPHO so they can remember that they have a duty to keep their information factual and verify the source of it. After all this isn't some hack operation here this is KPHO and I think they have the resources to verify their information. If they don't have facts that backup what they say then they are not a news station they are just a supermarket tabloid. KPHO has shown us they would rather report what is sensational rather than actual news. The rest of the news stations should take notice because they are guilty of reporting sensationalism rather than factual news also and sooner or later they too will start getting the lawsuits.

Billy Buck
Billy Buck

most tanning salons have hidden cameras in them to get pictures of naked females getting into the tanning beds. or didnt y'all know this?

Native Guns
Native Guns

I doubt he'll win this in court. Since he does have a history of perversity. He isn't exactly innocent, despite the defamation claims by KPHO. The only problem was their inaccurate  reporting on the women's employment status--they all quit. But the "perv" quotas probably remains true.


they didnt all quit, they were placed into other postions to punish them for coming forward. eeoc has the case and the proof and is doing a continuing investigation.

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