Kiddie Porn Peddler Cries at Sentencing; Gets 15 Years in Prison

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A Peoria man was sentenced today for his role in an international kiddie porn racket, and when the judge read his sentence, he cried like a baby.

David Dean, a 43-year-old trucker from Peoria, was sentenced today to 15 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised probation after pleading guilty to charges that he shared kiddie porn with an international organization of perverts that formed on an unnamed social-networking website. The group, according to authorities, had "restricted membership."

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Dean and other pervs distributed photos and videos that "graphically depicted prepubescent, male children, including some infants, being sexually abused and sometimes sodomized or subjected to bondage."

The group's leader, 57-year-old Stephen Sims, was sentenced in January to 17 years behind bars for his role in the racket. Sims, authorities say, referred to himself as the "den mother" for the perverts in his group who were located in countries across the globe, including the United States, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.

"The members of this criminal enterprise committed the most unthinkable of crimes - they trafficked in chilling images of children and infants being brutally, sexually abused.  And, they used a social networking website to distribute these images so that they could reach as many other like-minded individuals as they could," said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.  "Our children, who are the most vulnerable and innocent in our society, deserve every measure of protection we can give them. As this prosecution shows, we will use every tool we have to attack and dismantle these illegal child exploitation networks." 

At his sentencing this morning, Dean apologized for his pervy-ness, telling the judge his actions were "outrageous" and that "it's clear I have a serious problem."

Then, he cried.

Our reaction to Dean's tears can be summed up in the video posted below:

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Fghj Ggbb


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This is endless. They capture them everyday.  The only civilized countries where they rarely(or if ever) catch them is in Eastern Europe, the Slavic such as Ukraine and of course Russia. Maybe even South AfriKa?

In Recognition of Evil
In Recognition of Evil

Thanks for the apology Mr. Dean,

Are you sorry for being one of the world's more abysmal human representations ?OrAre you only sorry that everybody now knows about it ?

Mr. D. will do 12.5 of those 15 years in custody. That's a long time. He'll be 55 upon his release to community supervision. The calendar page will display the year 2024. His family, if he has any, will have gone on without him. Had to be that way. The world will have advanced in ways that he could not have prepared for. He will be old then - too old for any employment consideration. The unabating encroachment of automation that each day insinuates itself deeper into our lives will leave Mr. Dean feeling inadequate and insipid, an anachronism from a time long ago, and a land far, far away.Mr. Dean has essentially been sentenced to "death". The time and place of execution to be determined at a later date. This sentence seems rather extreme since the actual act of child fucking has not been discharged against him. But as long as the Mr. Deans of society salivate over images of the types of cruelty and betrayal against the most innocent of human beings that the rest of us could never conceive of, there will be someone out there... to roll the film - to embondage the subjects - to offer them the violations that will destroy their innocence and leave instead a child who now understands the full measure of the evil that men do. And in turn, these children will grow to adulthood in a world where fear and pain are the true realities reserved for the grown-ups. But they got theirs early. And when the calendar page displays the year 2064, it will be them standing in front the sentencing judge who intends to end their lives, as Mr. Dean's has ended today.Tears, Mr. Dean ??? Offer them to your God, who you will find forgiveness from, even in prison.I have no sympathy for you.


Sick bastard.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

 Shadow Wolf, you make a good point. It occurs to me, however, that these crimes are likely being perpetrated on other continents, but the punishment simply may not be published as it is here.

As for Mr. Dean crying. Imagine, if you can for the slightest instant Mr. Dean, how many times each child victim will be crying during, and for many years after, (s)he is victimized.

You, and others of your ilk, Mr. Dean, are somewhat less than the molecular structure needed to make snail waste. You are breathing the air that a decent human may need.

I can only hope, Mr. Dean, that there is indeed something akin to Hell, and you rot there.

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