Joe Arpaio Serving Warrants on MCSO Employees Allegedly Involved in Drug and Human Smuggling, County Sources Say *UPDATED*: MCSO Confirms Arrests

UPDATE: The MCSO confirms to New Times that three sheriff's deputies have been arrested. Click here for details.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office served search warrants at three west Valley locations this morning, and county sources tell New Times the boys in beige are investigating some of their own for alleged ties to human- and drug-smuggling operations.

The Sheriff's Office has not said what deputies are investigating and did not immediately respond to New Times' request for comment.

Local TV news outlets show aerial images of the Goodyear SWAT Team assisting sheriff's deputies serve a warrant at a home near 69th Avenue and Pierce Street.

According to ABC 15, another home was seen with crime tape blocking off the street at 69th and Cypress and a search warrant has reportedly been served at 59th Avenue and Latham.

The MCSO plans to discuss the investigations this afternoon. Check back for details.

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In a surprising development, Sheriff Arpaio has announced that the corruption in the MCSO extends all the way to the top; He has perp-walked himself into custody at gunpoint.

"I always suspected I was a corrupt motherfucker," Arpaio said, "and now I've got me right where I want me. Nobody pulls one over on America's Toughest Sheriff!"

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden

Holy God Joe. There are bad apples in every agency BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING arresting them yourself? Are you trying to get their convictions thrown out in court! WTF is wrong with you. A public defender can poke holes in nearly all evidence brought forth, like that Sgt Had it out for me, or this detective was on the same patrol that night. Jesus. Amateur hour.

old senile shitbag hater
old senile shitbag hater

MCSO sure is shining these days. What a bunch of rotten cocksuckers. I hope all the blue hairs are paying attention these days.

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