Governor Jan Brewer's Pretty Sure She Can Run for Third Term -- All She Has to Do is Ignore Arizona Constitution

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Jan Brewer: Making it up as she goes along
Governor Jan Brewer is trying to weasel her way into a third term as governor by calling the Arizona term-limit law "ambiguous."

Brewer is convinced that she can legally be governor for another term, even though the Arizona Constitution says she cannot.

The governor seems to think that since she took over for former Governor Janet Napolitano two years into a four-year term, it doesn't count against her -- which simply isn't true.

Here's exactly what the Arizona Constitution says about term limits, in Article 5, Section 1, which was amended as approved by the voters as Proposition 107 in 1992:

"No member of the executive department shall hold that office for more than two consecutive terms. This limitation on the number of terms of consecutive service shall apply to terms of office beginning on or after January 1, 1993. No member of the executive department after serving the maximum number of terms, which shall include any part of a term served, may serve in the same office until out of office for no less than one full term."

So that whole "any part of a term served" thing kind of ruins Brewer's theory.

Apparently it's still very unclear to the governor, who's still pretty certain "any part of any term" really only means an entire term.

"There's questions about that, you know," Brewer told the Arizona Republic. "The Constitution is not really clear. It's never been challenged."

The state's Legislative Council analyzed the term-limit proposition in 1992 -- it seemed pretty clear in its eyes: "Service for any portion of a term would count as service for a full term."

Brewer's spokesman Matthew Benson told reporters that when the law was written, its writers probably never considered a situation such as Brewer coming in mid-term.

Umm, when it's as specific as "any part of a term served," it seems Brewer's is exactly the type of situation the writers of the Constitution were considering when they wrote the law.

But, hey, what's the point of having a state constitution if the governor's just going to make it up as she goes along?

Brewer told reporters she's not quite committed to running for a third consecutive term -- which is probably a good thing considering, ya know, she can't.

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well the law seems pretty clear (im in shock that something in arizona is clearly spelled out)

cant hardly see anything except were "pretty sure" that the law means what it sez

lol !!!!


well it depends on who ya ask

personally im with her on the ideas since she moved up the chain of command to fill a vacancy

created by lead bottom napalatano i think she can run for another term

we need to start getting the inmates in the state prisions to start producing items of interest to skinheads so we can make a bunch of money to build the border fence and fund the legal fight over 1070 (which so far hasnt won us the right to do much more than we could before=./

i bet these skindhead items would go over big not to mention a kkk halloween costumes for under 20 dollars kids would love em i bet

(gotcha didnt i ?)) how much did your blood pressure go up before ya got to the end

a bunch i bet


"Brewer's spokesman Matthew Benson told reporters that when the law was written, its writers probably never considered a situation such as Brewer coming in mid-term."

He must be new to AZ. By 1992 we had at least 3 governors who came in mid-term.


So Jan's pretty sure she can run for a third term huh?

I'm pretty sure we're fucked if she runs for a third term and is elected. BTW, does this provision apply to the Flaccid Fool of MCSO?


Arizona Secretary of State2003-2009

Jan Brewer

Remind me again what that job entails?


hopeing our recall of Jan Brewer comes to be , then that idea totaly goes out the door as she does too


I'm sorry I'm new to this state, did she say things that were blantantly this stupid before she got her 2nd term?


All I got is that you're childish.


I think it entails dealing with elections Rob.


this dead brained idea of her's here of thinking that she can geta third term ... heck, thisi s only candy comapired to the cakes she has offered before .

andatthat, when they ( Brewer's puppet masters ,, go useing the word . THIRD TERM ) there they answered that fully, end of debate ,,, they in so doing such have MADE CLEAR THAT SHE HAS ACCEPTED THE FACT SHE IS ON HER LAST TERM AS GOVDESTROYER HAD HAD 2 TERMS ........ or WHY USE THE WORD THIRD TERM ?? in the first place ,,, Case closed

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