Ed Harris in a John McCain Costume *PHOTO*

Ed Harris is the spitting image of Senator John McCain.
HBO has released promotional images from the upcoming film Game Change, and one thing is clear: A Beautiful Mind star Ed Harris is a dead ringer for "The Maverick."

Harris is signed on to play the role of Senator John McCain in the upcoming film, which is based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's bestselling book, Game Change, in which the authors air some of the McCain campaign's dirty laundry -- namely, Sarah Palin and her continual battles with campaign staffers.

While she's no Tina Fey, Julianne Moore makes for a pretty convincing Palin, too.

See Moore as Palin below.

Moore as Palin: You betchya
McCain's daughter Meghan McCain isn't looking forward to the movie's release. She and expects it to be more of a tall tale than an account of what actually went down on the campaign trail.

"I expect my family and Sarah Palin to be nothing short of crucified," Meghan McCain writes in her column for The Daily Beast earlier this year.

McCain claims only one person from her father's campaign admitted to giving interviews to Halperin for the book. The rest, she says, were all disgruntled campaign workers with an ax to grind.

She claims Halperin's access to the campaign was limited, at best, and his book is more of a fictitious yarn than a factual account of events.

"I have no problem if the people actually there wanted to retell their stories," McCain writes. "I do, however, have a problem with reporters who were not present and have an obvious bias capitalizing on things that more than likely never happened."

A premier date for the film has not yet been released.

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Mike Yevtuck
Mike Yevtuck

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