Donald Beaty, Kid-Killing Rapist, Will be Put to Death Next Week, Judge Reiterates

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Donald Beaty will be put to death on May 25.
An Arizona judge has refused to block the death sentence of a man convicted of the 1984 rape and murder of 13-year-old Christy Ann Fornoff.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Janet Barton ruled today that Donald Beaty's claims that he didn't have effective legal counsel in prior court proceedings wasn't convincing enough to block the death sentence. 

Beaty's attorneys filed a motion earlier this month to have his death sentence overturned, claiming his trial lawyer never presented evidence that he was sexually abused as a child and suffers from brain damage.

On May 9, 1984, Fornoff, a newspaper carrier, was collecting money along her paper route at the Rockpoint Apartments in Tempe.

Beaty, a custodian at the apartment complex, abducted the young girl, raped her, and then suffocated her. He kept her dead body in his apartment for two days before leaving it behind a dumpster at the complex.

On July 20, 1985 -- more than 25 years ago -- Beaty was sentenced to death and placed on Death Row, which is where he's remained for more than two decades.

In addition to the complaints about Beaty's trial lawyer, and as has been the case with several other executions in Arizona recently, Beaty's attorneys argue that his execution should at least be stayed -- if their plea to have it overturned completely fails -- because of lingering questions over how one of three drugs used during the execution was obtained.

The drug in question: sodium thiopental, a sedative used to knock out the inmate before he's hit with a lethal dose of potassium chloride.

The supply of the drug has dwindled recently because its domestic manufacturer stopped producing it. For other recent executions, the state told the court it acquired the drug from an unnamed British company that wished to remain anonymous because it feared a backlash from anti-death-penalty groups.

The problem, opponents of the death penalty argue, is that the drug's safety can't be guaranteed because it hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the inmate may suffer some pain before dying -- a pretty weak argument, considering the drug's purpose is to act as one component of a cocktail of drugs designed to kill.

Arguments about how another former death row resident, Daniel Wayne Cook, was represented at trial -- which were similar to those made by Beaty's lawyers -- led to a stay of the execution for Cook last month.

Cook's attorneys claim -- in addition to complaining about how the execution drug was obtained -- he suffers from post-traumatic-stress disorder and brain damage that wasn't diagnosed at the time of his sentencing.

The death sentence wasn't overturned, just delayed until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear the case.

Beaty is scheduled to be executed a week from today.

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Virility EX Side Effects
Virility EX Side Effects

I respect the law of judgment. All the criminals who are involved in rape and murder should get death penalty.


 Normally, I'm no advocate of the death penalty, but in this case, I simply don't care if they DO put him fact, no, scratch that, I'd actually be somewhat happy to see that bastard executed. 


Send him over to the HELLS ANGELS MC Phx AZ clubhouse at 147 West Mojave st and we will do the rest and save you tax payers money. we know how to Take Care of Business TCB when it comes to KID KILLING RAPO  Bugs like this guy.


Is there any way to verify the safety of the drug?  What if he gets an infection?  Infections in the blood can often be fatal. 

He has been on death row for twice the victims short life.  Get it over with.  If they are not happy with the drug they have, I will donate some Chlorox. 

Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf

James King, come next week in the dark and final hours before his demise. Be sure to get the report on his final meal. As reported previously with other former inmates that were sentenced to death earlier this year.

One Less Criminal
One Less Criminal

I say save the state a lot of money... about $1 worth of lead and powder should do the trick.

Linda Kincaid Adams
Linda Kincaid Adams

 How could ANYONE be concerned in the least....about this gutter slime having to deal with a little bit of pain in the process of the state of Arizona carrying out the death penalty for this gutter rat!!! 

Commandment Number Six...
Commandment Number Six...

I have been alive for over 3,000 years and in all that time I have never figured out why humans are so morbidly obsessed with the obliteration of their own kind. Oh, and it's always in the name of "God", that dude that came up with the 6th Commandment. "And may God have mercy on your soul". So sayeth the Jurist of Death.Cut it out.

This ghoul stole a 13 year old child, beat her, fucked her, killed her, violated her post-mortem for two days until the stench of death made that entertainment no longer desirable, and then tossed her corpse into the garbage. No one'll notice that.

"Hey dad, guess what, after 26 years they're finally going to "cleanse" that old Beaty dude. Can we go watch, it's only down in Florence. They say it is really cool to see that shit;  the guy starts like vibratin and pukin and stuff. One dude actually hurled all over everybody in the front row. Fuckin bitchin"

I know that watching humans die has a high entertainment value, and I certainly would not want to cheat anyone out of such a lovely memory. I do not agree with State sanctioned executions, but it's not my call.Hanging, firing squads, voltage chairs, injections of poisons, or feeding the Christians to the lions. What the fuck ?If societies feel it their right to decease a human being for whatever reason, OK by me.But don't argue cruel and unusual BS to me... put the dumb bastard in a concrete room, strap some good old C-4 to his ass and blow his shit from now til Moses.Now there's a show for the whole famly to tune into.

A Friend
A Friend

It is a shame.....Christy and I were classmates in Jr. High...those who knew her won't ever forget her or the innocence this sad individual took from our community a quarter of a century ago....the thought that to this day he has accepted zero accountability for his horrific actions angers me.....the appeals have been a joke....why we was allowed to waste the courts time over complaints such as taking away his Gameboy several years back is beyond me. 

I wish he would have accepted his fate at some point.....he sealed it 25 years ago.  He was a coward then and has remained one for the majority of my isn't about me....but I still feel anger to this very day.....I remember standing in front of our Jr. High when Christy was found and watching her little brother being carried away in his fathers arms.....his actions over the past 25 years haven't allowed us to let go of that anger.

I don't necessarily advocate the taking on one's life based on the actions of another......however......Donald Beaty is simply a defect.....I would have liked to believe there was an ounce of good in him.  I believe there is some good in everybody....however in this case...there simply isn't. 

It is time for a generation to put this behind us... Rest in Peace will always be remembered.....

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