Desert Canyon Golf Club Fired Whistle-Blower in Sexual Harassment Case, EEOC Says in Federal Complaint

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An employee at the Steakhouse at Desert Canyon Golf Club was fired last year for complaining that another worker harassing women, says the EEOC.

A kitchen manager at Desert Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills was fired -- twice -- because he complained that female workers were being sexually harassed, says a federal complaint.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the suit (see below) yesterday, demanding that the club's parent company, Golf International, stop illegally retaliating against whistle-blowers and pay the fired worker for his troubles.

Jeffrey White worked in the club's eatery, the Steakhouse at Desert Canyon, from April to October 5 of 2009, when he filed a written complaint to his bosses that a cook was harassing women.

White apparently didn't know the club had a "don't-mess-with-our-eye-candy" rule.

Karl Boettcher, general manager of the club, told him the very next day that he was fired, the suit states.

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White soon filed a complaint to the EEOC, claiming the company had retaliated against him in violation of federal whistle-blower laws. The next month, says the suit, the company offered White another job in return for dropping the compalint. White refused and wasn't hired.

In February of 2010, Boettcher hired White as kitchen manager -- then fired him three weeks later. When the man applied at another restaurant, he was told that his references didn't check out, leading him to believe Desert Canyon had given him a bad review.

Boettcher told the Business Journal> today that he hadn't heard about the lawsuit, and made no further comment.

It sounds like there's enough evidence for a hole-in-one.

Desert Canyon Lawuit

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Dirty White Boy
Dirty White Boy

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Johnny Young Gunz
Johnny Young Gunz


This is a bona fide example of a Republican backed capitalistic travesty. Hope he gets every penny in the lawsuit. For the American Working Man needs to teach those GOP Capitalists a lesson.


Mike Yevtuck
Mike Yevtuck

 It is a bona fide example of sin and evil in our world put here and controlled by Satan the master of all sin and evil on earth..


Good thing we have the flying spagetti monster to absolve us from our sins.

Dudley "Booger" Dawson
Dudley "Booger" Dawson

You sir WRONG.  You have been corrupted by Satan and are here to perform his horrible deeds.  Your sin will set you to hell for blaspheming the holy truth.  Prepare to burn for eternity and be damned.  You NEVER blaspheme Raptor Jesus with the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!  Raptor Jesus cries for you... 

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