"Buffalo" William Willis, Alleged Tunnel-Digging/Cross-Dressing Kiddy-Porn Connoisseur, Flips His Wig When Busted by Marshals

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"Buffalo" William Willis, the alleged cross-dressing kiddy-porn connoisseur who removed his court- ordered ankle monitor earlier this week, was not only busted by U.S. Marshals yesterday, he was busted wearing a wig -- which is both fitting and terrifying.

When Willis was arrested at an apartment complex near 48th Street and McDowell Road -- where he'd apparently been living since moving out of the home at which he'd dug a tunnel leading to a secret underground chamber -- in addition to his well-groomed mustache, he was wearing a long black wig that promptly was removed by the arresting marshals.

Watch KPHO's video of the bust here.

The wig could have been used a disguise (the guy was a fugitive), but it also could just have been what Willis wears on Thursdays -- from all accounts, he's a bit of a (gulp) character.

Willis was arrested last August after he and another man, 21-year-old Cory Houghton, were seen leaving the scene of a pharmacy burglary near 91st Avenue and Thunderbird Road in Glendale.

During the interrogation, Willis told the cops that he had stolen property at his house, resulting in a search warrant for the property.

Considering Willis had a stash of kiddy-porn and a recently-dug tunnel leading to a secret, underground room he was building in his backyard, directing police to his house probably was one of the dumber things he did that day.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the tunnel and the kiddy-porn was only a part of the creep-tastic stuff goin' on at the Willis residence.

When searching the house, cops also found what they're referring to as "cross-dressing clothing" -- which apparently was in plain view in an office in Willis' house.

Along with the RuPaul gear, sex toys, and pictures of kids having sex were littered throughout the office.

As if it couldn't get any more bizarre, police also found apparently stolen women's and girl's underwear and "inspirational posters of themes of engaging in sexual exploitation of a minor."

Willis' addiction to porn was putting a bit of a strain on his marriage, too, his son-in-law told police.

Police say the underground room apparently had not yet been used for any sort of illegal activity, but, as we noted yesterday, if Silence of the Lambs -- and an upstate New York man who used a similar underground dungeon to detain girls for months at a time as he raped them daily -- has taught us anything, the discovery of a creepy underground sex dungeon is one of the more terrifying things you can find in anyone's home.

Willis was indicted on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor last July. His next court date is scheduled for May 11. It's unclear what -- if any -- additional charges he'll face for removing his ankle monitor and changing his residence without alerting his probation officer.

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On the upside, as long as they don't put a computer in his jail cell, we will hear no more from USGOVFAIL.

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