Bruce Cooper, NBC Sportscaster, Doubts Survivor's Story of NFL-Player Son's Fatal Boating Accident

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12News sports anchor Bruce Cooper
Valley sports reporter Bruce Cooper isn't buying the account of a fatal 2009 boating accident that took the life of his son as it's told by the lone survivor of the mishap.

Cooper's son, Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, and three friends went on a fishing trip along the Florida coast in March 2009. The boat capsized, and Cooper -- as well as two others -- drowned. Nick Schuyler was the only person to survive and was found clinging to the hull of the 21-foot boat after an almost three-day search.

Of course, Schuyler's now written a book -- and Bruce Cooper, a sports anchor for 12News, is doubting Schuyler's version of events.

Attempts to reach Cooper this morning were unsuccessful, but he explained his doubts to Tampa Bay's Gannett-owned CBS affiliate. See the video below (if you have trouble viewing the video, try using the Firefox web browser).

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No father wants to know his boy is a p%ssy... 

Ms Info
Ms Info

That TV story is poorly edited. Other than the allegation that Schuler didn't look like he'd been stranded at sea for several days, it's difficult to tell exactly what Bruce Cooper's allegations are.  And, of course, there's no way to tell who's right and who isn't.

But one thing we can know for sure ... Schuyler's father is a jackass. Bruce need not apologize for his dead son.


Coop wanted closure with this tragedy. That's all. He's never bought the story that was told, what, 5 different ways by Tyler after his rescue.

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