Brett Mecum Gets the Boot From Position as Arizona GOP's Executive Director, Sources Say

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The Arizona GOP apparently has had enough of Brett Mecum, a.k.a. Captain Fellatio (pictured above).
Brett Mecum, the now-former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, has been given the ax by the state GOP, multiple sources within the Party confirm to New Times.

Frankly, we're shocked. Not that Mecum got canned, but that it took as long as it did given his long list of questionable extracurricular activities while serving as a Republican Party big-whig.

For anyone in the dark about Mecum's alleged misdeeds, they involve a simulated superhero blowjob, being "creepy around women," allegedly selling political endorsements, and apparently disregarding posted speed limits on a Valley highway (we'll get into all that later).

The grounds for Mecum's firing are unclear -- neither he nor Arizona Republican Party spokesman Thayer Verschoor responded to New Times' multiple requests for comment.

Despite a lengthy pattern of immaturity, Mecum recently was selected as one of the Phoenix Business Journal's "40 Under 40" for being one of "the best young leaders in the Phoenix metro market" (the PBJ did not comment when we asked for details on criteria for such an honor).

Now for all the dirt on Mecum:

Brett Mecum's mugshot
Mecum got popped in 2009 for driving his blue 2008 Shelby GT 500 Ford Mustang 109 miles per hour down Loop 101 at 12:30 in the morning. The posted speed limit is 65 m.p.h.

That's nothin' compared to some of the other less-than-reputable things for which one of Phoenix's "best young leaders" made headlines.

In December 2009, Mecum was described as "creepy around women" in a stalking complaint filed against him after he showed up at a woman's house uninvited for a party.

The woman says she never gave Mecum her address, nor did she think he even knew where she lived.

When she asked him how he found her address, she claims Mecum told her he had a staffer look it up on Voter Vault, a state voter-registration list. Using a state voter-registration list to access someone's personal information is a class-six felony.

A mutual female acquaintance of Mecum's, and ours, later confirmed that the assessment that he's "creepy around women" is spot on.

Just last month, Mecum was accused of telling a former Goodyear City Council candidate that she could get the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but there was a catch: She had to pay $2,000 to right-wing political consultant Constantin Querard.

Read more about Mecum's most-recent mess here.

And then there's the oral sex -- or simulated oral sex of a man dressed in a super hero costume. That man: one of Phoenix's "best young leaders" and now-former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, Mr. Conservative himself, Brett Mecum (see photo above).

Check back later to see if Mecum, or the GOP, offer an explanation for his dismissal.

UPDATE: July 2011 -- Mecum takes plea in 2009 speeding case.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

This is the kind of crap people pull when they're in the political majority too long in any culture.  The Mormons are just one kind of example of the debaucary which can occur when your politics are INBRED!

Gray Race
Gray Race

I wonder if this was the guy peeping at my neighbor while she was changing her clothes.  Damn I wish I could of caught him when I had the chance to see if it was.

This "Mecum" gives head
This "Mecum" gives head

I personally know a tall, blonde, 28 year old boy who does gay pornos under the name Ivan Mecum, and any blow jobs to be had were usually with Ivan doin the blowin. He is pretty cute, and an easy mark if you have a bowl of Meth to share with him.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Politics are a side show and exist merely to distract the common people and to funnel funds to the players.   Both parties do the same thing and operate in the same way.  Two sides of the same coin.   If you think not then explain why this country sinks lower with each president regardless of their party affiliation.   The words change and the modus operandi changes but the results are the same.    We might as well read a story about bugs bunny or daffy duck.  It means the same as this story of politics.    Worthless.    Two parties are perfect, they offset each other and use that as an excuse for why one party can't do what it wants because the other party counters it.    Horseshit.


Captain America Mecum is nothing more than a Russ Pierce cockring.

Thomas Marks
Thomas Marks

I would bet that the job was SWEEET with pay  and benefits that people would kill for...


They should put up all of the fine examples of Republicans on some sort of wanted poster and use it to get people to vote Republican.    Let's see, we can start with Pearce, add in Thomas, Apraio, Mecum, and a long list of others.      But, they won't fit on a poster, so they may have to rent a billboard.


Sucks to be this fool.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I saw and heard Rob Haney speak recently. Mecum is likely not any creepier than Haney. The Az Republican party must be SO proud..


Try a "special report" internet "mug shots" ala  former MCAO Thomas/Rachel Alexander, internet marketing queen/prosecutor.

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