Barack Obama Will Not Release Photos of Osama bin Laden's Corpse

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This photo of Osama bin Laden is fake. Photos of the real dead Bin Laden will not be released to the public.
President Barack Obama has decided to not release photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse, despite the majority of Americans thinking he should.

Obama apparently doesn't pay attention to data retrieved from New Times' uber-unscientific morning polls, which overwhelming shows that people want to see photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse.

According to our poll, 76 percent of those polled want Obama to release the photos, 21 percent want to see Bin Laden's corpse dragged down New York's Fifth Avenue by a tank, and only three percent think the president should not release the photos.

As for a more scientific poll: According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 56 percent of Americans want to see pictures of the terrorist's bullet-riddled body, while only 39 percent opposed the president's potentially releasing the graphic images.

The president's decision comes just a day after CIA Director Leon Panetta said he thought the photos probably would be released.

Obama announced his decision in an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes, which is scheduled to air Sunday.

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"As for a more scientific poll: According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 56 percent of Americans want to see pictures of the terrorist's bullet-riddled body"

And nearly 100 percent of Americans are suckers.


The US invasion of the Middle East was planned a helluva long time before Sept. 11. This is not a conspiracy theory, as it is not hidden, it is and has been in plain view. The felling of the twin towers was tragic, but more than anything it was IMMENSELY convenient to those walking the halls of power in this country who wanted above all else to war on the Bill of Rights at home and the Middle East abroad.

So keep buying the OBL hype. And die for oil, suckers. Send your kids to die for oil, too. Exxon and BP thank you. As does the gene pool.


Maybe because it really didn't happen.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

I personally don't know of any verifiable documented sources that say he was involved in it at all. I'm not arguing with anyone. How about if they send verification to anyone, or their surviving families, who has been killed, injured or just generally had their entire lives ruined by the indiscriminate use of illegal military action in the pursuit of bin Laden?

I really don't know what good it does to send pictures of someone who can't be verified as being that person. Emotional influence with the effect of sleeping pills I guess. People who want to be fooled are easily fooled. It's happened through out history. But people don't care or remember what happened in history I don't suppose fake bodies have ever been used for any nefarious purposes. It's a shame that the president has to be the way he is...a liar in everything he says and does. But he he's no different than any other president we've had before. He's just more blatant.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I don't see any value in releasing the photos of this dead man. If a person wants to see them maybe they should be prominently displayed in the U.S. Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Or - the U.S. NAVY can mail copies to all those who are related to anyone who died or was injured as a result of the 9/11 actions in 2001.


Walter Concrete says: "But people don't care or remember what happened in history . . ."

Yeah, like you..

Read the 9/11 Commission Report - it documents Bin Ladin's involvement.

Seen any dead towelheads ?
Seen any dead towelheads ?

Mr. Collins,

Allow me to say you are someone I've come to respect as your intelligence always displays itself in your writings here. PPD must be all the worse off in your absence.

Your second paragraph is written non-committally, perhaps on purpose, so as not to incite the dreaded conspiracy discussions that never result in anything useful.Again your astuteness is self evident.

I made a tragic mistake three years ago, when, on a boring weekend, I took from the library a book entitled "The Road To 9/11". Being a geezer I remember 11/22/1963 Dallas; Pentagon Papers; Cambodia; Watergate; Iran-Contra and its Cocaine trafficking National Security Advisor.But these betrayals by our own government body pale by comparison to the wholesale destruction of human life and property endured on September 11, 2001. The allegations made against G.W. Bush & company made for the most disturbing of reading experiences. After reading the book straight through, I spent the next 25 months absorbed in research on 9/11 and its protagonists. How could so many folks make these kinds of assumptions against a sitting administration and not be arrested or silenced ?And if any of the book was true, then God help us all.

We all know the story, so I will say only that now I'm 100% convinced that George W. Bush, playing the part of the clueless U.S, president, stood representative of a limited community of sociopaths then in control of the most powerful country in the universe; a country whose power is excelled only by its arrogance and willingness to do whatever it feels will benefit its own interests, and at any cost necessary.

The 60% increase in gasoline prices to over $4.00 a gallon for the final year of "The Bush" would in itself visit ruin upon so many Americans whose personal ignorance in buying what they shouldn't have been buying was a showing of supremecy by the Gods Almighty of Planet Earth.And when fuel prices plummeted to $1.39 a gallon just in time for November 2008 election, it was a final nose thumbing by the retiring panel of satan's bitches leaving D.C. for now and forever. I find it a tragedy that so many Americans still are willing to be shit on by The D.C. Kids who no longer are particularly interested in maintaining the human fleet in this modern automated world.

That asshole who pretends to be our "first black president" is in reality just another addition to the league of puppets who plan all regional and global events well in advance.

NO... Mr. Obama will realease no death photos of Osama bin Laden because...THERE ARE NO DEATH PHOTOS !!!THERE ARE NO DEAD BIN LADENS !!!

Be well my friend.

Steve Tracyof Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, Planet Earth

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