Barack Obama Using DREAM Act to Raise Campaign Dollars; Activists Upset By Exploitation of Issue

United We Dream
Obama's solicitation

​A national coalition of DREAM Act student activists is furious over Barack Obama's latest fundraising letter soliciting re-election funds based on his "support" of the DREAM Act.


United We Dream is circulating a petition calling on Obama to stop using the DREAM Act for political hay until he takes action to stop the deportation of undocumented youth.

Obama could have pushed the DREAM Act during the last session of Congress, but he didn't with any real force, allowing conservative Republicans to kill the legislation in the Senate. This week he's unveiling his latest "push" for immigration, which we've criticized as insincere and half-hearted, and now he's begging for campaign dollars so he can fix a problem he hasn't really addressed in a meaningful way.

The president has huevos to e-mail a fundraising pitch on an issue he's deliberately ignored for the first two years of his presidency, especially since the opportunity to pass the DREAM Act in his first term probably has come and gone as Republicans now own the House of Representatives.

In a statement, United We Dream wrote:

On Tuesday night, President Obama sent out a fundraising email about his immigration speech. In this email, the Obama campaign solicits for a contribution on their website and on Facebook using specifically the DREAM Act. Instead of choosing to end our pain, he has chosen to use our suffering to grow his campaign. We find this both disappointing and offensive and demand that the Obama campaign take this ad down immediately.

We are tired of politicians either bashing us or praising us without ending our pain. After the president's speech we knew he was on campaign mode, but these ads just brought insult to our ever-growing pain of achieving the American Dream. Until Congress passes the DREAM Act, the President has the full authority to enable us to temporarily come out of the shadows, work and contribute to our country.


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What a bunch of idiots. Whining and sniveling because the President of the United States hasn't gotten around to their particular pet issue as fast as they would like. What the hell is that Obama tool doing messing with wars, terrorism, health care, economic disaster and other silly ass bullshit!?


Worse than this is how the pro-Open borders crowd lacks the courage of their convictions. These people are a bunch of unimaginative cowards.

Just imagine what would happen if they came out in favor of vastly improved Border Security.

Less Death of Immigrants: All those dead bodies in the desert, no more! No more drownings in the All American Canal. Far fewer opportunities for criminal smugglers to rape the girls and women, beat and rob everybody and take them hostage for ransom.

Less Low Wage Workers: Hey, this could work for the Immigrant Cause! If business gets hit with a massive reduction in low wage workers, suddenly the voice for change wiil come from pasty faced rich white dudes who see their profits falling!

So Obama is using their pet issue to raise campaign funds? Well if it works more power to him. I happen to favor the DREAM ACT, Immigration Reform, massive improvements in Border, Port and VISA Security. But all or none of it. I know either side will give me half of what I want, so I may as well support the side that I half like who is liable to win anyway ... the moderate left!

Much as I wish there was a Moderate Right in there somewhere, but that's pretty well toast as a political force.

You see campers, unlike the immigrant rights crowd, I have the courage of my convictions. I believe all sides have a piece of the solution to these troubles. All the extremists on both sides just make it all unsolvable.


You want to save immigrant lives?


You want to prove how invaluable they are to America's Future?


Show some guts, stop acting like little children who's ice cream fell in the dirt and Daddy won't buy you a fresh one.

Time to put on your Grown Up Pants and show some courage behind the things you claim are important.


Fuck the criminal illegals. It's high time someone with a pair of balls stop the flow of useless criminal illegals into America. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

The MCSO shurf apparently tried to tell President Obama all about this shit. The president didn't listen. Too bad for him. Getting rid of the illegals is one thing the Flaccid Fool & I agree on.

Now, if the president and Congress will change immigration law to make illegal immigration an federal as well as a state felony, we may be rid of these useless criminals altogether. All illegals need to go back to wherever the hell they came from, never to return to America.

Also, fuck the DREAM Act. It doesn't benefit me in any way except to provide amnesty to a bunch of useless criminal illegals. I want laws designed that benefit me, not a bunch of useless criminal illegals. These people gaining citizenship does not benefit anyone but the useless criminal illegals who violated American law to come here to begin with.  


  OK. I’ll give in to the DREAM Act under two conditions. First, the parents who bought them here illegally will be deported. Second, the parents can NEVER return and the student can NEVER sponsor them or any other family member that would start a chain migration. The student will start the DREAM Act as soon as the parents are deported. This, I believe, is a good compromise. If you do not like this, then the parents can just take their children back to the country from which they came. AGREE? If not, pack your bags and get out of this country.


The President knows if a Republican wins a Presidential race, then the Dream Act will be passed by the Republicans (just like the first efforts to pass the bill) Even though Republicans have members who are hard on immigration, Obama knows there are many Republicans who would simply pass the Dream Act bill they helped create. At this point it is obvious Mr. Obama is using this issue for political reasons only. Disappointing.


 Why don't those Republicans pass it right now? Playing politics, too. Also disappointing.


Hey, numbnuts - here's your idea: "let's minimize the campaign fundraising of President Obama and then gripe and moan cause he gets beaten by a Republicant.

I thought the Dream Act was all about doing something. Now the supporters only want people to NOT do something.

As an undocumented immigrant, you don't get all the rights guaranteed to citizens and legal immigrants by our constitution, that's just the way it is - talk to your parents about why they decided to put you in that situation.

Things like "not getting deported" because you're immigration status is not in order is not a right - it's something you earn. One does not earn that status by trying to defeat the one (and only) person who can make it happen for you. If you're going to play politics, learn a few lessons - first - don't bite the hand that feeds you.

You want to eat at the table of the constitutional guaranteed rights of a Citizen of the United States - don't be rude to the host/ess.

I agree that there should be more opportunities for immigration into the U.S., but if you're going to engage in this type of defeatist political crap - please try moving back to your home country and applying for a student visa before you get a federal violation for violation of our immigration laws and you can't.

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