ASU Wrestling's Undie Run Attackers Referred to County Attorney's Office

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This why inviting ASU wrestlers to a booze-fueled "undie run" is a bad idea.
Authorities have referred the cases of two members of the Arizona State University wrestling team who were caught on camera attacking a man at the school's annual "Undie Run" to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

ASU police Commander James Hardina tells New Times that the ASU Police Department has handed off the cases of Te Edwards and Carlos Castro to the MCAO with the recommended charge of disorderly conduct for both men.

See the video of Edwards and Castro attacking the man below.

Taking four steps before sucker-punching a guy who's not even looking may seem a little more serious than disorderly conduct, but that's not necessarily the charge the two men would face.

Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the MCAO, tells New Times that prosecutors haven't reviewed the case yet, and it's possible that more serious charges -- like assault -- could be filed against the two wrestlers.

Meanwhile, both Edwards and Castro (whose wrestling profiles you can see by clicking on their names) have been suspended from the wrestling team.

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ASU's wrestling team has been out of control for years. Wrestlers lived next door to me 6-7 years ago and were *absolutely* belligerent to all their neighbors. (Taunting, aggressive, foul-mouthed, cursing at neighbors, screaming in the middle of the street at 3 am just to prove to neighbors they were in control.).

At that time I wrote a letter to Crow and the director of the athletic department. Not even the courtesy of a response. So, it doesn't surprise me that the wrestling team finally assaulted someone.

I still have the letter I sent to Crow, in case the victim is considering a lawsuit. IMO, ASU has begged for a lawsuit. I still have contact with the other neighbors who experienced ASU's wrestling team abuse. I'm sure they'd agree to tell their stories. (The landlord of the property had his property destroyed and stolen when they moved out. The wrestlers left no forwarding address and would not tell the landlord where they were moving.). 


Is Arizona a state where assualt can be charged with out the victim pressing charges? 

Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf

 Yup. And not to mention that we are a "Police State",  the state itself benefits from it's growing and private prison sector. The state of AZ, would be happy to make the cowardly duo wards of the state. Just ask our sock puppet Gov.--Klan Brewer.


 She's not a Brewer, she's a Brewee

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