Tucson Man Arrested in Connecticut After Swearing at Flight Crew; Wouldn't Put Away Electronics

southwest jet.JPG
No, Paul Verrell of Tucson doesn't want to put away his @$#%@$#% iPod.

Verrell, 20, was arrested today at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, after swearing at a Southwest Airlines flight crew and airport workers. The curse words began flowing after he was told to put away his electronic devices, according to news reports.

Verrell then fell asleep on the flight from Chicago to Hartford, but started up his profane tirade upon awakening. He didn't stop after getting off the plane, either, and swore at airport customer-service employees.

A cop found him at the Black Bear Saloon in the airport, but Verrell apparently didn't want to take guff from anyone. Verrell was arrested after failing to comply with the cop's orders, says the Norwich Bulletin.

Sounds like Verrell's bad day only got worse.

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Cursing is rude, sure, but illegal? Definitely not. This is an abuse of rights imo.

Redneck Slasher
Redneck Slasher

Showing the East Coast what a real rabid redneck is all about. Uncivilized at best. What an ass.


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Stink Eye
Stink Eye

I will bet cha $100 bucks he was a clean cut short haired male. 99% of most crimes are committed by clean cut short haired males. just look at any big city police mugshots for proof.

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