Susan Brock Sex Abuse Victim Worked on County Supervisor Hubby's 2008 Campaign


​We've come to realize that you should never think the Brock family sex scandal couldn't get any more bizarre.

Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock's wife, Susan, is heading to the big house for 13 years, of course, for sexually abusing the same teen boy with whom her daughter is accused of having sex.

But Today's twist is that the teenage victim and his family reportedly worked on the 2008 re-election campaign of Supervisor Brock -- and were paid pretty well for it.

The news that the Brock family and the family of the victim were close friends isn't new -- as we've documented, they were members of the same Mormon Church, and at one point, vacationed together in California, which is where Rachel Brock is alleged to have initially abused the boy when he was 13. However, just how close the families were makes Susan Brock's actions even more despicable.

The families reportedly met when the Brocks' daughter suffered an epileptic seizure, and the victim's family brought cookies to the Brocks' home.

The families grew closer, and by 2008, the family of the boy -- who, at that point, two members of the Brock family are believed to have abused -- hit the campaign trail for Supervisor Brock.

According to elections records first obtained by the Arizona Republic, the victim and three members of his family were paid $8,730 by "Friends of Fulton Brock" during the 2008 campaign for doing things like putting up campaign signs and collecting signatures.

The boy, records show, was paid $1,660 for setting up, repairing. and removing campaign signs. His mother was paid $3,422 for collecting signatures. Those types of paid campaign jobs are often reserved for the closest friends and family of the candidate.

The cash and other gifts from Susan Brock, the boy later wrote in a statement read during Susan Brock's sentencing hearing, were "setting a trap" for his sexual abuse.

The abuse of the boy by Rachel Brock allegedly began in the summer of 2007 -- months before her mother began having sex with him. However, the Republic quotes an attorney hired by the boy's family to look into seeking civil damages in the case as saying the family had no idea the abuse was going on.

"'I don't think the [victim's family] had any notion of [the abuse]' in 2008," the Republic quotes victim's advocate Timothy Eckstein as saying.

Eckstein can claim that the parents of the victim didn't know about the abuse in 2008, but as we've noted -- and the Republic fails to mention -- they at least had suspicions of the abuse in 2009 when they called a meeting with LDS stake president Mitch Jones and Fulton and Susan Brock to talk about their suspicions that their son and the county supervisor's wife were having a sexual relationship.

The abuse continued for a year before police ever were called.

Eckstein didn't immediately return our call for comment this afternoon.

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I wonder why this interesting tidbit wasn't disclosed during Susan's hearings?

Also, does anyone know if Fulton is going to resign and play pocket pool with his good buddy, the MCSO shurf?

He should get the boot..... A steel-toed boot will do just fine.


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"However, just how close the families were makes Susan Brock's actions even more despicable."

I think this line sums up how children become victims of abuse. The trust is there so the opportunity to abuse is handed to these types of people.

Unfortunately the church did not handle this matter properly in waiting. They are guilty in this too. If I parent knows another parent is abusing a child they can be charged so why is this different?

Thanks for the story Jim.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Color me stupid. I worked on a campaign in 2008, walking door to door, placing and replacing campaign signs (removed my members of the MCSO posse), and coordinating volunteers. Not only not paid, but I burned a lot of my personal cash on the campaign, as well as the maximum campaign contribution, AND I wasn't being treated to sex by two members of the campaign family. I am thinking about becoming very religious, very soon.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

XS, did you happen to catch that part of the SCA money was used to pay for campaign mailers for Fulton Brock? If ANYONE thinks Mr. Brock isn't in bed with the shurf they need some serious mental help.... The Black Fox love story is just the tit of the iceberg (misspell intended)....


Can't you just feel Fulton's "Temple Garments" tightening into one colossal wad.

Renegade Warrior
Renegade Warrior

you were an ignorant naive gullible idiot then and you still are and idiot Tommy boy. you could just kill yourself and that would solve your problem.

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