Susan Brock Sentencing Hearing Going Down Right Now. Expected to Last Two Days

Susan Brock's going to prison. For how long? We'll probably find out tomorrow.
We've been waiting on pins and needles for word from the Maricopa County Superior Court about the outcome of the sentencing hearing for Susan Brock, the somewhat-estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, who pleaded guilty to several sex-with-a-kid-related crimes about two months ago.

The hearing is going on right now, a court staffer tells New Times, but don't expect a decision today, as some local news outlets seem to be anticipating -- he says it's expected to last two days.

Brock faces a minimum sentence of seven years, a maximum sentence of 15 years, and a presumptive sentence of 10 years for carrying out a three-year sexual relationship with a teenage family friend, starting when the boy was only 14.

The details of the relationship include several portable sex toys, sex in a car, sex in a bathroom, sex at her mother's house, sex in the house she shared with her county supervisor husband, and most shocking, the boy also allegedly had sex with the Brocks' then-18-year-old daughter, Rachel.

Rachel Brock allegedly bedded the boy before her mother did, when he was only 13, and is accused of sending him videos of herself masturbating. As most 13-year-old boys would do, he apparently showed the masturbation video to his friends at school.

As for the county supervisor's involvement in his family's mess: it's unclear

Earlier this week, the Chandler Police Department conducted a search warrant to obtain a handwriting sample from Supervisor Brock. 

Chandler Detective Frank Mendoza tells New Times the details of the search have been sealed by the court.

However, he did say the warrant is in connection with the case against Brock's daughter, Rachel, who was rearrested last week and charged with seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one of furnishing obscene materials to a minor -- all non-bondable offenses.

In another twist, while Brock -- who calls his soon-to-be ex-wife "sick" -- says his divorce from Susan Brock is almost final, he's also been having "courtesy visits" with her in one of his pal Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails.

A month ago, Brock was warned by jail staff that he could no longer bring Susan Brock food as she sits in Arpaio's gulag awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to sex-related crimes with a teenage boy. In one such visit, Brock reportedly kissed his wife goodbye, which prompted a complaint from another inmate.

We'll let you know as soon as we get word of Brock's sentence.
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I wish i would known her when I was growing up in Phoenix. I was 13 I had to watch "I Drean Of Jeanny" .Give her a box of condoms and let her go.


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James, I want a Rachel photo
James, I want a Rachel photo

Again I seem to have learned something from NT. And in quid pro quo fashion back to you...

Here is an interesting little rule.

ARS 13-1405-B. states that sexual conduct with someone under the age of fifteen (15) is a Class II felony ( five year presumptive sentence ). However, doing the naughty with a minor who is over the age of 15 is a class VI felony ( one year presumptive ). B U T... If the child is over 15, and is your own child, then the crime is again elevated back to the status of Class II and 5 years.So, it seems, that the state (reasonably) considers not only the sex act itself, but where a parent is to blame, the betrayal factor of that sex act, as well.Some reasonable thinking in Arizona ??? Who'd a thunk it ???

AND James,Can you get in touch with Rachel Brock and ask her to send me some of those masturbation videos of her fingering her own poon.I L-O-V-E that kind of stuff. Have her send it to 602- 636 0099.


That is one fucked up family...


Somehow I don't think the word "fuck" ever entered the conversation between husband and wife in the Brock family household. Or "sex" between parents and children. This would appear the sad consequence of severe sexual repression. The irony is that the Brock women will get all the action they could ever want where they're heading

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Mike, I don't think we've heard the whole story yet. I think there is another chapter to this novel and I think it's going to involve Mr. Brock.... but that's simply conjecture on my part. I will agree with your assessment regarding severe sexual repression....


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