Sheriff Arpaio was Interviewed for 5 1/2 Hours in Munnell Investigation, Billing Records Show

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio faced 5 1/2 hours of questioning in January as part of an investigation into a memo written by one of his top deputies that alleged corruption by his command staff.

The Arizona Republic dug up billing records that provide evidence of what had long been speculated: That the so-called Toughest Sheriff in America had to submit to an interrogation over the crimes and unprofessional behavior alleged against some of his closest aides.

Local private investigator Keith Sobraske conducted the internal investigation of Arpaio's men for Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who'd been asked to conduct it by Arpaio. Trusting the math of Repub veterans Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and JJ Hensley, the billings add up to $86,300 in total cost to Maricopa County taxpayers. It's one of Arpaio's less expensive messes, though the political cost can't be calculated until a few more factors are known -- such as whether any of this will lead to criminal charges.

As the billing records for January show (see below), Arpaio Arpaio was scheduled to be interviewed from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on January 12. With no reference to the need for rescheduling or any other preparation for another interview, it seems safe to assume the interview took place.

Not that you'd know it by the sheriff's mealy mouthed response to Repub reporters:

Arpaio on Wednesday declined to characterize the nature of his conversation with investigators.

"I'm not going to get into whether I was a witness," Arpaio said. "We have met quite frequently to discuss the investigation."Arpaio holds an advantage over the public, for the time being. He's so far refusing to release any portion of the 1,022-page investigative report by Sobraske, which he's had in his possession since last week.

Eventually, though, he'll have to let everybody see the full extent of what his style of leadership spawned.

Munnell Invoice Jan11


Munnell Invoice Feb11

March and April:

Munnell Invoice Apr11

The 2010 bills:


Munnell Invoice Oct10


Munnell Invoice Nov 10


Munnell Invoice Dec10

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Angry American
Angry American

The tax paying public has the right to know! Release the damn thing Sheriff Joe!


Ray Stern writes: Eventually, though, he'll have to let everybody see the full extent of what his style of leadership spawned.

Yeah, after he's sufficiently covered his ass on the his purchases of commercial property with the money he obtained and has lined his Golden Parachute with loot stoken from the County's taxpayers. I've said this many times in these comment sections - Arpaio was a Federal DEA Agent. He had "top secret" access to personal information about many wealthy people and their politicians' contacts with organized crime and has shown the ability in the past to be a LOOSE CANNON and release that information to protect his own keister to the detriment of others (e.g., Hendershott).

Joke Arpaio is like J.Edgar Hoover of the FBI in this sense - he has knowledge of where the "skeletons" are and knows how to use that information to damage very wealthy people or their families. Arpaio will be protected by the "powers that be" because they fear being exposed by his loose lips.

All the people that protected and supported this animal Arpiao are basically holding his balls while has been continuously screwing the entire taxpaying citzenery of Maricopa County ever since he was elected - may the "Joke" supporters karma bites them ALL in the ass.


Makes me wonder what the Flaccid Fool is hiding by not releasing the investigative report into the Henderblimp, Fox, and Black. It seems to me that he was directly involved in what his underlings were up to, his Alzheimers' kicked in, and he blamed Hendy, Fox, and Black.

This investigation is costing me money, Joe. You need to make a copy of that report available. This cost me $86,000, plus the salaries of Hendy, Fox and Black. I'm anxious to know what was found, as well as if Hendy, Fox, and Black will be shown the door, indicted and perp-walked......

I'm also wondering if this has been made available to U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke. This investigative report factors heavily into the federal GJ looking into the Flaccid Fool.

Hopefully, this shit marks the end of Joe & Co., as well as Candy Ass Thomas & Co..............


I bet the idiot started blubbering like a baby.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Rob, I agree. I don't think the Flaccid Fool (FF) was interviewed as a witness. That's just the Old Bastard talking to hear himself, or to try to spin it, as he always does.

XS, a thought occurred as I was reading the article yet again. As an internal affairs investigator I don't recall any time an officer was provided a copy of the report BEFORE disciplinary/corrective action was taken, and then only when the matter was appealed. It appears the FF has provided those accused with the report so they can prepare an appeal BEFORE any disciplinary/corrective action. NORMALLY if a person is terminated from employment they are not paid to prepare any appeal of termination action. It appears in this case that they are being allowed to prepare appeals while being on PAID administrative leave BEFORE any administrative action.

I have to wonder if Maricopa County has personnel policy or guidelines that might help the sheriff understand the way he SHOULD be conducting this..... not that he would care.

If you haven't read the Montini article in today's Az Republic, you really should.... It shows what a complete ass the sheriff is.

By the way, Shurf, how about you post a mug shot of Adam Stoddard since he's been convicted of contempt of court and held in your jail? Other than your opinion, Shurf, there's not a damn thing innocent about his actions in the court room.

Or, throw that mug shot of young Mr. pearce in there, just for grins...


X, I'm thinking Joe is more than a "witness" now. There's just no way in hell all this stuff can go on and he not have any sort of clue. Did he know and turn a blind eye? Is he complicit in some or all of the issues? Remember, this is a guy that has claimed on many occasions that "nothing happens" without him knowing and "I'm in charge".

I've read that during the investigation another issue was found that spawned a new investigation. Wonder who that involves? I have no doubts what is being hidden is information that is damaging - if not incriminating - for him.

Really, with all the dirt that's coming out now, no rational person could look at this and honestly think he knew nothing.


Tommy, this has smelled like cat crap in my house. I know it is there, but I can't find it because the aroma is everywhere. Arpaio's actions stink just as bad. I think you gave me the source I could not figure out.

New ethical dilemma's, new crimes, new issues every day at MCSO. Some are newly dug up new and some are newly created at MCSO. If the Feds are serious about indicting these clowns, by the time they finish charging them and securing a 1000 count indictment, they will have to serve the indictment with a dump truck. Of course, that is just as well because they will need the truck to arrest Henderbulk.

News today was quite interesting with the revelation that Hendershott was also a degenerate gambler and was held on a cruise ship because he could not pay his markers. What a wonderful person to manage more than a quarter billion of our tax dollars a year. This is, at a minimum, criminal negligence on Arpaio's part by allowing this association of our budget with a degenerate gambler.


I agree Rob. That's why I said that he was involved in what his underlings were up to. He personally authorizes everything that goes on up in the penthouse suite of the Wells Fargo Tower.

Tommy:You make a lot of good points. Since I have no police experience, I would have no idea how the IA system works. This whole thing needs to be handled the way the Lisa Aubuchon termination was handled. But then again, look at who's in charge of the MCSO..........

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Video surveillance of a north Phoenix apartment? Hmmmm.... perhaps a love nest, or simply a good place for meeting and conspiring. The possibilities are endless. Which detention fund was used to pay for the apartment, I wonder? Yes, it certainly is the tip of the iceberg.

Even my friends who have been steadfast supporters of the shurf are no longer arguing.... they just shake their heads in amazement..


Remember the whole incident of a storage unit owned by the MSCO Posse personnel being used as a drug shipment/storage location. I wonder how that all played out and if it will be in the report.

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