Pima County Sheriff's Department is Sick and Tired of People Dropping Off Bombs at its Offices

If you have one of these, don't bring it to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.
​Is your basement full of bombs that you don't know what to do with?

Hopefully not, but the Pima County Sheriff's Department is fed up with people coming to them with their bomb collections.

Apparently there's a new trend of people trying to drop off explosives they don't want anymore, and the PCSD doesn't want you bringing your unwanted bombs to its offices.

"In the last month, we've had two instances when we had to evacuate the district station when well-meaning people brought in explosives for PCSD to destroy," sheriff's Leuitenant Deanna Coultas tells the Green Valley News.

The evacuations reportedly stemmed from a bunch of black gunpowder and a World War I era grenade.

So what do you do with all those homemade pipe bombs and land mines just wasting away space in your closet?

Arrange a pick-up with the PCSD, and they'll send the bomb squad over to take it off your hands.

"As you or your family finds explosives you no longer want, leave it where it is and call the Pima County Sheriff's Department," Coultas says. "You will be a lot safer if you leave it where it is and call us."

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Call us to dispose of it, we wont arrest you or anything.....

Or shoot you inside your house while your protecting your wife and kid.....

Bomb Collector
Bomb Collector

I supposed the one's who are collecting those outdated bombs are--you guess it.

Timothy McVeigh types of course.


"As you or your family finds explosives you no longer want...."

As this Arizona I can easily see this as a televised PSA run during COPS and America's Most Wanted....and non stop on FOX News Channel.


take a shit on their door step instead.

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