Phoenix Suns Might As Well Skip Last Two Games After Awful Weekend Against New Orleans Hornets and Dallas Mavericks

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Just another one of those weekends.

​The NBA season might not be officially over yet for the Phoenix Suns, but they're playing like it, losing to the New Orleans Hornets Friday night, 109-97, and getting erased by the Dallas Mavericks 115-90.

Friday night's game wasn't so bad, on paper: Jared Dudley, Marcin Gortat, Grant Hill, and Vince Carter scored in the double figures, and they did it without Steve Nash in the lineup. But the game was a defensive abomination. Hornets benchwarmer Willie Green scored 31 points against Los Suns and started the game on a 12-12 shooting streak.

Sunday's game wasn't much different for the Suns. The Mavericks jumped out to a 36-17 lead, led 65-39 at the end of the half -- their largest margin at halftime all season -- and won by 25, to sweep their season series against Planet Orange. The Suns might as well have skipped the game.

Steve Nash played Sunday, but he was a nonfactor against Dallas. Expect Suns starters to play limited minutes to close the season as the team evaluates Aaron Brooks and Josh Childress.

The Suns will play the terrible Minnesota Timberwolves tomorrow night in a game they might have a chance of winning, not that it matters anymore. More information at


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