Phoenix Police Go Wild in West McDowell Shooting Spree, According to KPHO Story

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We were passing the time last night watching the local TV news (yes, we know.....) as KPHO Channel 5 anchor Catherine Anaya breathlessly read the following story:
charlie sheen.jpg
Charlie Sheen (Ricky Vaughn) should be thankful he wasn't out on West McDowell the other night!
"Phoenix police say they had to shoot a dog and a man. Officers heard there was a fight near 27th Avenue and McDowell. Late last night, a pit bull went after one of the officers, and it was shot and killed.
"Later, a man rammed a patrol car with his truck, so they shot him. He died a short time later."

Trying to put two and two together, we figured that, somehow the earlier fight, deceased pit bull and inexplicable patrol car-ramming incident were connected.
Apparently not.
"Tonight, investigators don't think he [the dead man] had anything to do with the fight," Ms. Anaya said.
And what about the flippin' pit bull?
No clue.
End of "story."
Talk about telling it like is wasn't.
Segue to a bit about a Glendale fellow charged with murder after a wrapped-up body he was pushing in a grocery cart tumbled to the ground.
Now, that one made sense.

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Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

That bit about the corpes in a shopping cart, tumbling out to the ground, like it was "Bernie"(Weekend @ Bernie's) , got me ROTFLMAO.


Hilarious...Paul, do more of these.

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