Phoenix Paper Mills Are Really Really Flammable

James King
McKinley Paper Company -- up in flames.
If you have eyes, and were in downtown Phoenix this afternoon, you may have noticed the enormous plume of smoke that overtook the skyline. Obviously, there was a fire.

Details of the blaze are limited, but Phoenix fire officials tell New Times the fire started just before 2 p.m. at the McKinley Paper Company at 425 South 15th Avenue.

Downwind of the fire, burnt paper fell from the sky as homeless people wandered from the nearby Central Arizona Shelter Services facility to avoid the invading smoke.

"Shit's fucked up," a local hobo eloquently describes the blaze to New Times as he wheeled a shopping cart full of garbage bags away from the incoming smoke.

We heard a small explosion before being told to move along by a Phoenix police officer. It's unclear if anyone was injured.

Check back for updates, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos posted below.

James King

James King

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""Shit's fucked up," a local hobo eloquently describes the blaze to New Times as he wheeled a shopping cart full of garbage bags away from the incoming smoke."

OKAY. I GET IT. You're not publishing on the front page of the Republic, therefore you can be edgier and more 'man on the street' than classic journalism. That DOESN'T mean you should exploit that fact to try to shoehorn curse words or some off-the-wall statement into EVERY story you write. For god's sake, I like your magazine and I can't help but tell you that you're being entirely too unprofessional. Just raise the level of civility a notch, I know you guys (and gals) have the brains to do so, so please, help yourselves, help your paper, and help the liberal voices in this state that don't have other outlets to turn to (KJZZ excepted): Clean this place up.....

Liar, It's Chase Field On Fire
Liar, It's Chase Field On Fire

Yes, James, I do have eyes and I was downtown at 3:00.

But as one observes the conflagration from the area of, say, 16th St. & Washington, you are able to see only black smoke rising, From that area it looks like Chase Field is what is on fire. The building's upper skylight windows give a false image of gray acidity, and you can't tell for sure if the smoke is between the glass or on the southwest side of the property. No doubt other folks made that same mistake. Now, of course, I told others at work that the ball field was indeed on fire. Damned huge fire too. It was awfully enjoyable to have the ability to maliciously spread wrong ideas, for no good reason other than to promote fear and unhappiness... to take advantage of others who are less well informed.

And it is good old Governor Jan, whose inability to reason through a situation, who taught me that the ends don't always justify the means... sometimes they're just one and the same.

Thanks, Governor Jan, you're "swell".

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