Munnell Memo Report Complete, in Hands of Sheriff Arpaio; Public Release of Document on Hold


hendershott david crop 1.jpg
David Hendershott, Arpaio's No. 1 guy, figures large in the Munnell Memo report about to be released.
​The long-awaited report on the so-called Munnell Memo investigation is complete, but public release of the findings will have to wait, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office says.


The PCSO feels that releasing the report immediately may be prohibited by law, said Sheriff Paul Babeu's spokesman, Tim Gaffney, who's working on a news release that more fully explains the situation.

Gaffney spoke to us before putting out his news release because Channel 5 news (KPHO-TV) published an online article this afternoon about the report's completion. We'll update this post later with Gaffney's release. 

The six-month-long probe into Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's top people began after a memo outlining numerous alleged crimes and unprofessional actions surfaced in September. One important area covered by the memo, written by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell, was the "SCA" campaign-finance scandal. The public learned even more about the scandal last month when the state Attorney General's office turned over a report on its SCA investigation to New Times. See this week's story, "Love Connection,"  on the report here.

The SCA's key players, Chief Deputy David Hendershott, Deputy Chief Larry Black and Captain Joel Fox, will probably be fired based on the findings in the Munnell Memo report, sources tell Channel 5, according to the article by Melissa Ziedy, "continuous news manager."

That seems like the least that should happen, based on our review of the SCA report from the AG's office. But Arpaio's trusted men face even more potential problems: Current AG Tom Horne turned over the SCA findings to the U.S. Attorney's Office, meaning that the trio's future could include federal indictments.

In any case, the report on the Munnell Memo, like the one on the SCA scandal, should be another fascinating read for observers of Arpaio's office.

The worm has turned on Arpaio's office, which was once feared for its freewheeling, politically suspicious investigations. When investigators came calling on Arpaio's men for the SCA investigation, some of Arpaio's people -- like Deputy Chief Scott Freeman and spokeswoman Lisa Allen -- gave up damning information about their co-workers. Both the suspects and the johnny-come-lately "whistleblowers" should have given Babeu's investigators even more statements about corruption within their ranks, because the county employees were required to cooperate with what was essentially an internal affairs probe.

Whenever that thing is released, we'll have our reading glasses handy.

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"Current AG Tom Horne turned over the SCA findings to the U.S. Attorney's Office, meaning that the trio's future could include federal indictments."

I believe that a handful of U.S. Attorneys have been deputized as Maricopa County Prosecutors as well so they can just handle any state crimes that are found as well. Hence, it seems that the trio, and possibly others, might be facing indictment the the state as well as the feds.


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david saint
david saint

this needs to be made public IMMEDIATELY, or its authenticity will forever be in doubt. The fact that it hasnt been shown speaks volumes. Im sure Lisa is combing through it right now trying to find a way to spin it in Joes favor.


When will Henderblimp, Black and Fox be fired, indicted, and perp-walked? I've got the perp-walk CD done.

I also suspect that the Flaccid Fool is named extensively throughout Buffoon's report.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Timely.... but I don't think Babeu is withholding public release for the good of the public. I am thinking he is doing it for the good of the Flaccid Fool. Only time will reveal the reason...

Los Angeles Observer
Los Angeles Observer

Here's a reassuring development as reported by The NY Times 2 hours ago at 8 p.m. Phoenix time:

"Since then, officials said they discovered that the sheriff, Joe Arpaio, had inappropriately spent money from a second jail account. The findings were sent to federal prosecutors, who are investigating Sheriff Arpaio on abuse of power allegations."


The suspicious side of me makes me wonder as does the long sordid behavior of MCSO under Arpaio.

However, there may be reasons to hold the information until the IA situation is resolved. This is a MCSO IA issue and they have received an investigation and recommendations from a supporting agency. I honestly do not believe its release at this time is proper. It needs to be at least reviewed by MCSO. If MCSO believes the investigation is flawed or its conclusions are inappropriate, then it should be released with MCSO telling us why there is such an impression. If MCSO concurs, then it should be released with MCSO stating the concurrence and disclosing the actions taken as a result.

That being said:

1. I hope Arpaio will be a "tough" Sheriff and make tough decisions as required to avoid further blemishing the MCSO and its fine people that work every day for us.

2. I hope Arpaio will promptly and frequently communicate at least the status and process of his review, if not the substance.

3. I hope Arpaio can read this report at a faster rate than he read his own book, which as we know from his sworn testimony, he has not read.

4. I hope that Arpaio is not stalling to let Joel Fox stay on paid leave until he hits the retirement trigger that Joel alluded to in his recent court filings. Malfeasance does not deserve an award.

After hearing Arpaio respond to the $99.5 M in misspending as saying there was NO corruption, that it was just an accounting issue or a computer issue. By definition, this was a complete dishonest reallocation of money that was provided by taxpayers on the vote of the people. Arpaio was one of those that lobbied and promoted the Jail Enhancement Funding Measure on the ballot. If he did not need those funds (obviously he did not because he used them for something else), then he sold us a bill of goods.

Time will tell what he will try to sell us on the Munnell Memo resolution.

It would seem that Arpaio should refer criminal charges as well.

But the $64,000 Q, "Is Arpaio implicated in the PCSO report?"


Idiots, all of you that keep Voting for this Savage!! Shameless  Look at who your gov. is????  Talk about backwoods..OMG!! only in arizona

Maybe Arizona can be it's own country, it has abused too many of our Laws put in place to Protect people, not harrass, abuse, torture, & humiliate.  That is not American!  We are better then that.  OCCUPY!!!

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