Morning Poll: Is Governor Jan Brewer Getting Back to Her More-Moderate Roots?

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Jan Brewer seems to be getting back to has did-ing what's right for Arizona.
Yesterday, Governor Jan Brewer shocked everyone when she didn't cave to the state Legislature's right-wing crazies and vetoed three bills that were humiliating for Arizona/products of right-wing kookery.

Brewer refused to sign the infamous "Birther Bill," which would force presidential candidates to prove they are natural-born United States citizens before their name is allowed on the ballot in Arizona. One of the ways to prove your citizenship under the proposed law is the provide documentation describing your lack of foreskin.

Read all about it here.

Brewer also vetoed a bill that would allow guns on college campuses and another that called for an anti-health care reform compact among the states -- all bills far-right lawmakers desperately wanted.

Brewer's never been quite as far to the right as many in the Legislature, including Senate President Russell Pearce, but has caved in the past -- when it was beneficial politically -- to the far-right-wing-nuts in state government, most notably with her support of SB 1070.

Before signing the controversial immigration law/political opportunity for a then-unpopular governor, Brewer constantly clashed with Republican legislators over legislative issues, particularly, last year's state budget.

But Brewer doesn't have to run for re-election this year, so she's free to take a stand against the crazies in the Legislature without too much political fallout.

We want to know what you think: is Governor Brewer getting back to her more moderate roots?

Cast your vote below.

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The only reason Jan Brewer backed off on the birther bill is because she doesn't have hers! John McCain was born in Colon Panama Canal, 1936 so called naturalized American soil. Russell Pearce doesn't want someone going down to the LDS and taking blood samples to prove LIVE BIRTH with some DNA. That would be catastrophic! K-3 Attestations in Mesa! Who's your daddy day down at the LDS. Jan Brewer knows she took $20,000,000 Federal Dollars and put at the CCA Prisons for Two for One Immigrant Profit GOP slush fund Border Beat! Jan Brewer knows her son gets out of the State Mental Jail gets on his new bike and goes to work on taxpayers K-12 can you spare a kindergarten a dimes back. Brewer's we have did, I have did and Grant Woods helped my Economic Holocaust unto you $548,000,000 Corporate Tax Break unto you speaks for itself. Fiesta Bowl tickets for you! Fiesta Bowl tickes for Russell and Joshua TOO! So until the Mormon church is willing to give up that Warren Jeff DNA Arizona will never pass a "birther" bill. Maury would have to move to Mesa with a new show! Welcome to Jan's Land! We have 1000 attestations to reveal! You are not the father! No America for you off to Section 1070 Arpaio $150,000,000 Million Dollar two for one Hotel, Motel, Immigrant Holiday INN! She can't provide her won original birth certificate of Live birth she's a carpetbagger who's dusty, crusty and stuck in the TPN Suspension of Holocaust Disbelief.


Those bills were ridiculous on their face. They were intended by Pearce and his ilk (e.g., dictators) to inflame and ignite their political base of moonhowling sandbillies in this State. It's clear now to anyone watching that Pearce is going to try to run for Governor or other statewide office and he's attempting to consolidate his base and push his hatefilled agenda into the hearts of every potential hater in this State. Brewer knows better than to give Pearce this power of confusion and hate which would be created by further passage of these ignorant poorly written bills.

Remember folks, hate and fear are emotinos which cause confusion in the human brain. Extreme negative emotions directly interfere with the ability of the nerve tissues (synapses) in our brains to make proper connections with each other in order to access information correctly (they get misrouted into "patterns" caused by past traumatic events). Thinking clearly requires one to calm the mind and be "mindful."

Pearce knows this and is exploiting people's willingness to be lazy and let others think for themselves. All they need is an excuse for this and hate, fear and anger are very effective excuses (i.e., I hate these people; I am afraid of these people; I am angry at these people or their culture, etc.).

Live your life mindfully and think about things without a cloud of confusion your emotions may be causing.

Native Guns
Native Guns

Yesterday when she vetoed those bills. She didn't drink the "Tea" offered by that rogue demagogue--Russell Pearce. I think its still too early to say that she is "getting back to her Moderate Roots." We need more surprises nonetheless.

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