Morning Poll: How Do You Feel About ASU Replacing "Sparky" With a Fork?

ASU's over-hyped new logo.
The Arizona State University athletic department unveiled its new threads at a press conference -- complete with fog machines and a laser show -- at the university yesterday afternoon, and they were met with mixed reviews.

When we see fog machines, we expect to have our minds blown. That was not the case at yesterday's over-the-top confab.

The new look/marketing campaign includes slight -- yet unnoticeable from the upper deck of Sun Devil Stadium -- changes to the uniforms, which you can see here.

Most notable of the changes is the dismissal of "Sparky," the school's longtime devilish mascot, as the school's logo. He's been replaced by a fork.

Sparky's still around, but he's taking a backseat to the university's new logo, which happens to be an unintimidating gardening tool.

According to the university, the money for the new campaign comes from private donors. So keep that in mind before you starting crying about tuition money paying for new athletic uniforms (although, that donor might have realized that academic programs probably could have used the
money more than the school's failing footballers).

Either way, in our humble opinion, the new unis are average-at-best and certainly not deserved of the hype they received.

But we want to know what you think: are you diggin' ASU's new threads?

Cast your vote below. 

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

I could give a flying fuck about some god damned ASU mascot or their satanic symbolism which they proudly display like it's some kind of harmless cartoon like go college go bullshit. Why don't they just put a freaking goat and Lucifer on the backs of their cool new black jerseys? Disgusting and evil barnyard behavior. Hell, why not? It goes along with everything else this sewer of a country is all about.


I'd be ok with the fork if it were pictured sticking in Jan Brewer's ass

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I can appreciate this blog is meant for entertainment... but it seems there must be more important things to worry about... they could go out naked to play football and I wouldn't care. I will assume it's meant as a psychological distraction from the increases in the cost of education... or simply to help some of the football players score... off the field as well..

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