Missing Chandler Woman Tells Cops She's "Not in any Danger"

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Chandler Police Department
Trinity Olsen-Galeai is safe and sound.
A Chandler woman who's been missing since Friday has been located and is apparently OK.

According to the Chandler Police Department, 18-year-old Trinity Olsen-Galeai called police this morning to report that she was not in any danger.

Olsen-Galeai told police she saw the extensive media coverage of her disappearance, which is why she decided to check in with the cops.

Chandler Setective Frank Mendoza says police verified that Olsen-Galeai wasn't in danger

Before today, Olsen-Galeai was last seen about 9:30 Friday night. According to the Chandler Police Department, she has missed several appointments since, which is unlike her, and is what prompted loved ones to contact police.

Mendoza tells New Times Olsen-Galeai didn't run away, rather, she "just wanted to get away."

"After all, she is 18," he adds.

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she looks like she is in danger of pulling her hair out in that picture and ending up with a bald spot on the right side of her head. let her know and the local fuzz that I also am not in any danger either. I know most of you out there were worried about me.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I know this is waste of valuable man power, time and resources. But since she is 18, and is still quite frankly--a teenager, despite being an adult. I'll cut her some slack. I hope someone educates her that what she did is wholly irresponsible. You don't just walk away into nowhere like that. This will cost tax payers--moolah.

Arizona Criminal Defense
Arizona Criminal Defense

In this day and age, people should know better than to just go off and not tell anyone, I feel bad for the loved ones that were worried so much for her... Seriously inconsiderate!


thats how young cunts are selfish and INCONSIDERATE and most of the time really ditsy and stupid un street smart.

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