Mesa Man Who Almost-Fatally Stabbed Stepfather 50 Times to Cops: Let Me Go and I'll "Finish the Job"

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Blake Merrell
A mentally ill Mesa man allegedly stabbed his stepfather 50 times with a Swiss Army Knife earlier this week. The reason: He was "mean."

The victim's alive -- for now -- much to the dismay of the suspect who promised to "finish the job" if he was released from police custody.

About 10:15 p.m. Monday, cops were called to a home at 10059 East Butte Street in Mesa. The caller told the dispatcher that 26-year-old Blake Merrell was stabbing his stepfather inside the dwelling.

When cops got to the house, they heard yelling. Once inside, they saw Merrell on top of his stepfather on the kitchen floor -- stabbing him.

Standing over the two men was Merrell's brother, who was hitting him with a stick and telling him to stop stabbing the man.

Then, Maricopa County sheriff's deputies told Merrell to stop, and he did. He was then taken into custody.

In custody, Merrell told cops, "I hope I killed him," referring to his stepfaher

Merrell's fatal wish did not come true -- yet. The victim was taken to Scottsdale Osborne Hospital with wounds to his face and neck. He remains in very critical condition.

While being booked, Merrell admitted to stabbing his stepfather. He told police he went to his house with the knife with the intention of killing him.

When told his stepfather survived the attack, Merrell told police they had better take him to jail because if he was set free, he'd "finish the job."

Merrell was booked on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

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What a fucking dumbass this dude is.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Damn that dude is totally fucked up. Speaking of "wish", I think he'll get his after what that shit-head said to the LEOs.

"Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies told Merrell to knock it off, which he did"

That's all they did? They just told him to "knock it off"?

Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

I don't know about that but he's definitely ignorant about what the SAK can provide and its effective application.I mean, if I got stabbed 50 times and lived I'd at least want a t - shirt commemorating the event.

Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

I think you need some help out of the sarchasm.NT seems to be OK with putting an artistic spin on telling a story.Now, if in fact you prefer your news deadpan bland the online Republic awaits you.But be prepared to have your commenting ability cut at least in half.

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