Luna Fitness in Tempe Sued by Clif Bar, Maker of Luna Energy Bar

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Clif Bar, maker of Luna Bar, is suing Tempe's Luna Fitness over alleged trademark infringements.

Imagine getting crushed by a giant Clif bar -- now you've got an idea how a small, Tempe fitness firm must feel.

Luna Fitness, on the corner of Elliot and Rural roads, has been sued in federal court by the national energy-bar powerhouse over alleged trademark infringement. The Tempe company's name, crescent-moon design in its logo, and women-oriented mission is way too reminiscent of Clif's Luna Bar line of female-oriented snacks and fitness products, the lawsuit says.

Ken and Barbara Skye Roberts, owners of Luna Fitness, did not return calls seeking comment.

The California owners of Clif Bar, who claimed in a business article last year that the company posted a yearly revenue of $235 million, wants Luna Fitness to change its name and "luna"-flavored advertising.

Luna, some of you scholars out there already know, simply is Latin for moon. And that's certainly a fitting name for the fitness center, given its focus on women's monthly visits from Aunt Flo:

luna bar logo.JPG
Here's the logo for Luna bar for comparison.
The Luna Fitness Charts will also benefit women by helping them identify with the effects the moon's cycle has on her menstrual cycle. In a perfect world, all women would cycle together, ovulating during the full moon and menstruating during the new moon. But due to electricity, birth control and other synthetic man made creations, this is no longer possible... Empowering women by helping them understand and appreciate the importance of their menstrual cycles, the program is designed to reduce and/or eliminate the emotional and physical symptoms that they have.

Luna bars first went into production in 1999, while Luna Fitness registered its name in Arizona in 2007. The small fitness center may well have to change its name to something else -- and this is as good a place for ideas as any. We thought of a few:

Red's Gym

Bloody Good Workout

Period Power

Moon Mission

Go With the Flow

Rags to Riches

iPad's already taken, of course.


UPDATE March 2012: Clif Bar settles with Luna Fitness.

luna bar suit  

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 Honestly, this is just retarded. Why can't Clif Bars just get a settlement and move on? Sheesh.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Why, I wonder, doesn't Clif just sell Luna Fitness a usage license for $100 annually and save them all some grief and money. Wholesale it's nutrition products to Luna Fitness and make the picture complete. Ah.... it seems such a simple solution to such an unnecessary 'problem'.

["In a perfect world, all women would cycle together, ovulating during the full moon and menstruating during the new moon.']

In a perfect world this would mean the male partners of women who are cycling (not bicycling) would have adequate warning to conjure a two day business trip during said time, leaving the little woman to bash on another woman also cycling at that same time. Suddenly, it all makes sense... Mars vs. Venus...


A trademark on a name can only be granted if that name is "unique." Using a common term from another language is not "unique." Luna Fitness should fight this.

Now if Luna Fitness tried to use the term Loony - Clif bar would have a point - cause Clif Bar is loonier than a bat at a tequila bar.

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