Jeff Flake's Senate Campaign Raises $1 Million in First Quarter

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If you're planning to run against Congressman Jeff Flake for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl, you should understand -- the guy's got some cash.

Flake announced today that his campaign has raised $1 million in three months.

"Our tremendous finance committee includes most of Arizona's hardest-working Republicans, and we couldn't be happier with the strong showing we've received from all over the country," Flake says in a statement. "I'm very grateful to all who have shown their early support. This campaign is off to a great start."

Flake's campaign has about $1.5 million in cash on hand, which may come in handy in dissuading potential primary opponents such as former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth who is rumored to be considering yet another run for the Senate.

One of Flake's potential GOP primary opponents, Congressman Trent Franks, announced last week that he won't seek the seat -- much to the dismay of Maricopa County Republican Party Chief Rob Haney, we're sure.

Franks was Haney's boy -- Haney even sent an e-mail to Maricopa County GOPers asking them to beg Franks to challenge Flake in the GOP primary. He also is actively campaigning against Flake's candidacy, as you can see on a Haney-run Conservative website linked here.

Haney deployed similar tactics against Senator John McCain in 2008 because he wasn't a fan of "The Maverick's" position on amnesty for illegal immigrants. As we've chronicled, The Mav's position on the matter since has changed -- but only to appease kooks like Haney so he could stay politically afloat.

Flake -- like McCain -- already has caved to the far-right-wing kookery that dominates Arizona's Republican Party. Read all about Flake's switcheroo on comprehensive immigration reform here.

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Anyone but JD - That's a good campaign slogan.


It's not hard to be better than J.D. Hayworth, but Jeff Flake will be great for the senate.He doesn't care who he offends. I may not agree with every thing he does, but I think he votes very intelligently. Even on immigration, it might look political, but at least he put it out there early for everyone to judge with their votes. If he worried about the right wing so much, he wouldn't have been so blunt about "birthers."

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

JD who? Is he that nasty ass, arrogant soul who thought he could put the whup down on Senator McCain? Yep, that would be him. A has been...

I'm disappointed in Mr. Flake and his flopping on the immigration piece... but I'm sure he's been talking to Sen. McCain....

Teed off
Teed off

I'm not a Flake fan, but he sure beats the hell out of JD Hayworth!

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