How to Get Caught Driving Stolen Car: Crash it Into Pole

Three teens were injured last night after one of them crashed the stolen car he was driving into a pole.

The wreck happened about midnight near the intersection of 16th Street and Earl Drive, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

When police arrived on the scene, they found three men in their late teens injured -- two of them seriously -- inside the vehicle. When cops checked the license plate of the car, they discovered it was stolen.

There were no witnesses to the wreck -- in other words, trying to outrun the police wasn't a factor. Rather, it seems these guys were driving like idiots in a stolen car.

Skid marks found near the scene suggest that the car was traveling at a high-rate of speed in the northbound lane when it crossed into the southbound lane and hit the pole.

Police also found alcohol in the car but haven't determined whether it played a role in the wreck.

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I was at Rips that night, I arrived right after 11pm and 16th st was already blocked off, this happened closer to 10:30pm. The skid marks show the car was going southbound and spun out. We later found out the three people were on a beer run from the circle k up the road.

Earll Drive Resident
Earll Drive Resident

Actually, the skid marks show the car was in the southbound lane when it crossed into the northbound lane, as the pole is on the East side of the street. Oh, and it is Earll Drive, with two L's.

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