Jan Brewerburgh/Stolen-Property-Storage Facility Found Under Avondale Bridge

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Avondale Police Department
This feces-filled Brewerburgh was discovered under the Agua Fria Bridge.
While the Great Depression had "Hoovervilles," modern-day Arizona has its own homeless shanty towns (we'll call them Brewerburghs), one of which was uncovered under an Avondale bridge.

Starting in February, Avondale police Officer Michael Unger noticed that a lot of stolen property -- wire, copper, and stuff from businesses in the area of Dysart road -- were getting taken to a river bottom near the Agua Fria Bridge.

Unger checked out the river bottom and found that it was more elaborate than your traditional transient shanty town -- its residents actually had dug what the Avondale Police Department describes as a "cave," in which transients lived and stored stolen items.

In addition to a large number of transients bedding down in the Brewerburgh beneath the bridge, there was trash -- lots of it.

The Avondale Police Department called in a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office inmate work crew to clear out some of the garbage, which it did -- between 500-800 pounds of it.

During the cleanup, Unger found jewelry, electronics, and bicycles, as well as food items.

This is not to mention so much human and animal feces that a HAZMAT team was needed to clean it up.

The "cave" the transients had dug was filled, the APD says, and the entrance secured with railroad ties in the hope of keeping the homeless from digging another cave.

To further prevent the homeless from bedding down under the bridge, "No Tresspassing" signs have been posted.

This (ahem) ought to do the trick.

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The real story here is not an isolated incident of a home (and pawn shop) under a bridge but all the abandoned homes where people are squatting, and have been since the housing crisis was kick-started by the republicant policy of "Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil" in relation to bankers and mortgage brokers.

Litererally thousands of homes have been abandoned both by the owner and the mortgage holder - in limbo between the owner moving out upon the "threat" of foreclosure and the delay on the part of the mortgage holder to actually process the foreclosure. The cost of a foreclosure proceeding is fairly high (at least $2,000.00) and the bank or mortgage holder is already experiencing financial costs due to the abandonment of the property and non-payment of the mortgage by the owner.

The owner still technically "owns" the property and any financial loss (e.g. damages for a fire at the property that affects a neighbor, electricity or water bills, etc.) are still going to be assesed against the owner - therefore the bank or mortgage holder doesn't have much incentive to do anything quickly regarding transferring ownership from the owner to them through a foreclosure proceeding. Especially when the property may be worth less than $30,000.00 (due to abuse or deterioation of the property) and the mortgage is over $100,000.00. They'd rather just keep collecting the future fines and interest payments from the owner of the property until home values rise again and the sale of the home might net them a profit over what's the owner owes still and any costs for rehab of the building.

There are literally thousands of people squatting in these homes. Sometimes they are the original owners who just aren't making their payments or meth lab operators or coyotes running a drop house or just a poor family that hopes no one bothers them tonight.

This is a horrendous situation and needs to be investigated and taken care of by our legislature. The potential for a huge crime wave due to these abandoned homes is huge.

We need to get the City, County and State Legislature to come up with a plan to deal with this - let's not wait on President Obama to come to our rescue like he did in getting us out of the recession. He's already got enough on his plate.

I say the governments form a large housing cooperative, condemn all these vacant / abandoned properties and get people in to them as owners through a state-wide co-operative association.

Lee Cole
Lee Cole

That's where I live. Leave my home alone!

I love Jan Brewer!

Renegade Warrior
Renegade Warrior

what no meth or meth pipes were found? or needles for slamming herion?

Bridge People
Bridge People

In California the homeless have been living under bridges for over 40 years since the 60s so this is nothing new. Arizona must be behind the times if they think this is news. out here we call them the bridge people. they are like real life trolls. I have met bridge people who lived under a bridge with sofas and carpet in them with electric lights etc. some are really nice inside or under the bridges. this is not made up its true. the cops in Santa Rosa California let them be and dont bother them as long as they behave themselves. after all they gotta live some where. in Waikiki beach Hawaii the homeless have their own tent city in the beach side park under shade trees and there is alot of tents and homeless there. its actually better and safer in the tent city park than some of the bad neighborhoods there.

Swastika  Politics
Swastika Politics

this shit hole sounds like it was just like James Kings Gay Jewish pad in the barrio.


The republicons might have stumbled onto something here. All that is needed is for them to make homelessness a felony. That way, by creating the economic conditions that has made homelessness such an issue, and then making it a jailable offense( making their buddies in the private prison business happy), they will have created a de-facto Debtors Prison. That should make Az. a conservative's wet dream.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Why is digging a cave called "elaborate"? After hearing the word, I was thinking something of a shack, perhaps thinking that someone had such carpenting skills to build a home, rather than a "cave".

Was the JoKKKer out there at the Jan-Brewerburgh?


Don't forget, Johnny, that the Joker was born in a Hooverville in Springfield, MA. I read on Wikipedia, I think, that his mom died while giving birth to him. How sad Joe, to kill your own mom while she's birthing you.....

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