Gary McCord, Golf's Cool Commentator, Still Not Welcome At The Masters

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We wrote many moons ago about then-Valley resident Gary McCord, a professional golf commentator for CBS--it was a favorite yarn of ours about a journeyman golfer who had parleyed a quick wit into a lucrative career.
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Gary McCord: Unwanted (by the Masters) but still loved by most

The hook was the laughable situation that ended with the powers-that-be at the Masters golf tourney (rich white guys with sticks up their collective asses) banning McCord from covering their wonderful (it really is) event.

We remember the moment well: It was April 1994, and McCord was up in the CBS tower behind the 17th green as some players prepared to putt. 

We never knew if McCord had scripted the line, in which he said something about the greens at Augusta being so slick that  groundskeepers must have used "bikini wax" on them.

He added that the bumpy terra firma around the course "looked suspiciously like body bags" to him.

Those comments simply outraged the old fogies who run the Masters.

Tom Watson, a golf great who just couldn't abide by McCord's alleged lack of respect for the damned   course, chimed in and said how dare he in calling for the guy's head.

Turns out that getting kicked off the Masters (he still covers the rest of the CBS golf events) was the best thing that ever happened to McCord's career as a broadcaster.

McCord got the cool gig acting in the classic "Tin Cup" strictly because director Ron Shelton loved the fact that he got booted from doing color commentary on golf's biggest stage.

These days, the dude makes somewhere around $30,000 for each corporate speaking engagement he takes--nice work if you can get it--and he travels around the nation in style, paid just for being himself, a self-described "idiot," which he isn't.

We haven't spoken to McCord in a few years. When we last checked in, he told us he could give a shit if the Masters ever invites him back, and that the divorce has worked out famously for all concerned.

So, as many of us settle in this weekend to watch more golf than possibly is healthy for us, we will not be entertained by Mr. McCord and his irreverent take on the game which he played so well and which has made him a wealthy man.

And that's fine by us.

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if the course wasn't so.great, I would like to see the masters taken away from all those two faced biggoted bastards,who think their shit dont stink.


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