Final Exit Network Jury Goes Home for Night -- No Verdict Yet

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Jurors deliberated all day today in the assisted-suicide manslaughter case of two men accused in the 2007 death of a Phoenix woman.
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Jury returns tomorrow to deliberate fate of two men
But the panel didn't reach a verdict for either defendant, Dr. Larry Egbert or Franklin Langsner. 

Egbert is the medical director of the right-to-die group Final Exit Network, became involved in the suicide of 58-year-old Jana Van Voorhis in early 2007 after the mentally troubled woman contacted the organization.

Scottsdale resident Langsner was present at Van Voorhis' home when she killed herself by inhaling helium after she cut off her own oxygen flow with a tight hood.

We'll report on the outcome when and if it happens.

Our reading of the case is that the Final Exit Network volunteers demonstrated extreme arrogance and a degree of recklessness in how they handled Ms. Van Voorhis.

But we also long have wondered how, under the circumstances of this case, a jury would unanimously convict the defendants of anything.

Guess we'll see.

Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie presided at the two-week trial.

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