Cuban Military Vet Pleads Guilty to Charges He Fatally Snapped Girlfriend's Neck During Fight

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Hermenegildo Cardenes Morffah
A Phoenix man who claims he learned to kill while a member of the Cuban military was in a Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he pleaded guilty to charges that he fatally snapped his girlfriend's neck during an argument.

Hermenegildo Cardenes Morffah agreed to a second-degree murder charge today for the September 2010 murder of his then-girlfriend, 38-year-old Jacqui Rae Dodge.

Cardenes Morffah turned himself in to police after the fight with Dodge. He told cops her body was in the home the two shared in the 5700 block of North 11th Way near Montebello Avenue. Her neck, he said, was broken.

At the time, Cardenes Morffah told police that the two began fighting after he suspected her of cheating on him. Things turned violent, and he snapped her neck.

A kickboxing instructor and personal trainer, Cardenes Morffah told police he served in the Cuban military for five years and had killed people in the course of military action.

He told police he'd considered suicide before turning himself in, and acknowledged that Dodge's alleged "actions did not justify murder, and he knew he was going to jail for the rest of his life."

Cardenes Morffah will be sentenced by Judge Sherry Stephens on June 15.

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this horrible man Killed one of the most beautiful women I have even known, she was nice and would never ever hurt a single person, she loved her children so very much. I can only hope he dies before he ever gets out of prison. Men like him are the loses form of human life.

X Tunnel Rat
X Tunnel Rat

this guy is more proof to never trust a clean cut short haired male. they commit 99% of the male crime. look at any big city police mugshots for proof. they use that clean cut short haird look to hide the evil that lurks deep down inside their dark souls.


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I knew this narcissist years ago and he was very controlling, bragged about "killing people while in Castro's military," and seemed to take joy in intimidating the women he was intimate with.  I thank God I ended the relationship long before marriage.  He used his charm and Latin charisma to prey on successful, beautiful women and made sure to tear down their self-esteem.  He accused me of cheating on him at one point too...most narcissists are very insecure themselves.  Those who accuse are usually the ones guilty of the accusation.  It is so sad such a beautiful woman was a victim to that madman and even sadder, are the children left behind, both the victim's and the perp's. 

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