Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock's Handwriting Sample Obtained Through Chandler Police Search Warrant. Related to Daughter's Teen Sex Case, Cops Say

Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock's had a rough six months.
Once again, just when we though the uber-bizarre sex scandal involving both the wife and daughter of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock and a teenage boy couldn't possibly get any more bizarre, it did.

The Chandler Police Department confirms to New Times that it has conducted a search warrant to obtain a handwriting sample from the county supervisor. 

Chandler Detective Frank Mendoza tells New Times the details of the search have been sealed by the court, and no further information would be available.

However, he did say the warrant is in connection with the case against Brock's daughter, Rachel, who was rearrested last week and charged with seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one of furnishing obscene materials to a minor -- all non-bondable offenses.

As you're probably aware, the child Brock is accused of abusing is the same teen her mother, Susan Brock, was convicted of molesting. Get all the dirty details here.

Fulton Brock's involvement in the scandal is unclear. What is clear is that he at least knew the victim's parents suspected his wife was having a sexual relationship with their son about a year before she was arrested.

Brock, his wife, and the parents of the boy met with Mormon Church officials to discuss the parents' suspicions that Susan Brock was having sex with their son. Despite their suspicions, the victim's parents didn't call police until a year later when the boy's girlfriend discovered the affair between the boy and Brock.

Brock's PR flack, Jason Rose, did not immediately respond to New Times request for comment.

Check back for updates.

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I suspect that this investigation may center on whether Mr. Brock had a duty to report any suspected child abuse. People who are required to report sexual abuse are listed here:

One would only hope that our "law enforcement" personnel are looking into Mr. Brock's knowledge of the abuse (whether suspected or actual) and his failure to report that suspected abuse.

If Mr. King could kindly investigate the law requiring the reporting of suspected abuse and report back to us, his readers, the results of that investigation - I for one would appreciate it.

Perhaps Mr. King could actually tell us if there is a penalty attached to the violation of the law requiring the reporting of suspected sexual abuse by a parent, for which Mr. Brock is obviously being investigated.


Where is Joel Foxy Boy to file a nutty lawsuit about the search warrant?

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

["Despite their suspicions, the victim's parents didn't call police until a year later when the boy's girlfriend discovered the affair between the boy and Brock."]

Which Brock, I wonder?

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

ut oh.... this is NOT looking good for Mr. Brock.... I wonder if the Flaccid Fool is protecting him.... hmmmmmmm?????

Bringum Young
Bringum Young

My question is as follows. Did the Mormon officials report it to the police ASAP? If not, why?

Bringum Young
Bringum Young

The Mormon way is to handle all sexual abuse allegation in house prior to going to police, this is to head off any negative image problems for the church in case c. Its a church policy to handle it this way.

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