Washington Post Plagiarist Suspended for Ripping Off Arizona Republic

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Sari Horwitz, plagiarist, was slapped on the wrist for ripping off the Arizona Republic's work.
Despite what your journalistic ethics professor may tell you in J-school, plagiarizing won't get you fired from a newspaper -- as long as you work at the Washington Post, anyway.

Yesterday, the WP published a formal apology to the Arizona Republic admitting that portions of two articles it published about the January 8, Tucson shooting rampage were ripped off from the pages of the Republic.

See our story on the matter here.  

The WP reportedly assured the Republic that an "immediate, severe, and appropriate" action had been taken against the reporter responsible for the plagiarized articles. That "severe" action is apparently only a suspension.

Sari Horwitz, the reporter responsible for ripping off the Republic, has been suspended for three months, the paper announced yesterday.

"It was wrong. It was inexcusable...I will regret this for the rest of my life," Horwitz reportedly wrote in a letter to the Republic.

Horwitz, you see, is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, which is apparently all it takes to keep your job at one of the country's most respected newspapers in the country -- even if you've committed the cardinal sin of the fourth estate.

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As a long-time Washington Post reader and subscriber, I will be very, very disappointed if the Post doens't immediately fire plagiarist Sari Horwitz and her plagiarism-tolerant editors.

Three months of paid vacation, er, I mean "suspension" for Horwitz is not punishment at all.

What kind of message is the Post trying to send to other WP reporters? Don't get caught, but, if you do get caught, don't worry--the vacation's on us!

What kind of message is the Post trying to send to WP readers? That the Post doesn't care if its reporters aren't trustworthy?

This situation is disgraceful.

Fire Horwitz now.


First, does anyone proof anymore? Check out the headline... "ripping of"? Second, plagarisim is for knuckleheads - the WP should do better with this issue!

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