Tsunami Footage Breathtaking, Heartbreaking; West Coast on Tsunami Alert -- Schools Canceled Along Northern California Coast

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japan earthquake 1.jpg
Image: AP /Kyodo News
Tsunami as it hits Natori, Miyagi.
​We just saw some of the video footage trickling in from the epic disaster that hit Japan last night.

Unbelievable. Gut-wrenching. Scary as hell.

Nice to be safe here in the deep desert.

Just called a friend who lives near Half Moon Bay -- he says they've reported an eight-inch rise there. Nothing to worry about. But the school district called this morning -- school's canceled. Tsunami Warning Day.

CNN reports that a nuclear plant has been affected, but is "under control."

Reports seem to indicate this won't be as deadly as the 2004 Indonesia tsunami -- but that sounds like wishful thinking, looking at the pictures.

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Hey, management and staff at APS and SRP, you know you knew this would happen eventually. You just thought it would happen after you were long dead. You wanted to make your money and get out like all the other rats.

Eventually, Phoenix will be in the same situation as Toyoko because on this planet, Earth, shit happens!

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