Rachel Brock Re-Arrested for Alleged Sex With Same Teen Her Mom's Convicted of Bedding

Rachel Brock's back in the clink.
Straight from the seemingly endless saga that is the Brock family sex scandal: Rachel Brock, daughter of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, was re-arrested last week and charged with the same sex-with-a-kid-related charges she faced when she was originally arrested last December.


The child Brock is accused of getting busy with is the same teen her mother was convicted of molesting. Get all the dirty details here.

Brock originally was arrested on December 30, but she was released because charges against her were not filed by the Chandler Police Department within 48 hours of her arrest.

But Brock's back in the joint -- she was arrested at her home Friday afternoon and charged with five counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one of furnishing obscene materials to a minor -- all non-bondable offenses.

Her county supervisor father issued a statement about the re-arrest of his daughter, which you can read below:

The heartbreak continues. I have learned my daughter has been re-arrested. I have not yet seen a copy of the formal charging documents. My understanding is that my daughter is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor when she was 18 years old. My goal was always to lead my family in living a life of doing right and following God's laws. The accusations about my daughter and her mother these past months have been heartbreaking and disappointing. I love my daughter, and as I said before when these issues first came up, she is my blood. I will always be her father and intend to be there for her and do the best I can. As a person of faith, I ask for your continued prayers.

At the end of the statement, Brock's PR flack, Jason Rose, noted that the county supervisor's divorce from his prison-bound wife is nearly final -- despite the fact that Brock's reportedly been  bringing his son-to-be-ex food during "special visits." Read about that here.

Susan Brock will be placed on lifetime probation and faces anywhere from seven to 15 years in prison when she's sentenced next month.

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If they arrest every Senior that has sex with a Freshman the schools will be empty.


Why am I not surprised by this latest twist?

What I want to know is: Who is the victim's lawyer and how much do they plan on suing us for?


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Native Guns
Native Guns

I guess we'll never know what was really going on during those arpaio approved "special visits" between an arpaio suck-up and the pedo-mom. I assumed he is *VERY* interested in hearing about her secret trysts with the kid. But who knows?

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

"My goal was always to lead my family in living a life of doing right and following God's laws."

I don't think sex with a minor is against God's law. I'm pretty sure that's a man-made one. Just another reason to keep your God out of real life.

It's Your Turn Again, Mom
It's Your Turn Again, Mom

Mr. Pit Boss,

While I, myself, am not spiritual in any sense of the term, I will agree with you 100%.As part & parcel of Nature, girls start ovulating at 13 and the fellers begin to biologically mature at 13 y.o. - deeper voices and those occasional "woodys" to be dealt with in the shower.

As far as it goes, I believe that everything in our world is specific to the human experience and is either bad or good only as our societal edicts pretend them to be, and are based on fears, prejudices, and plain old stupidity. Perhaps in some other world fucking a child is the standard way of doing things.

I did the naughty with a 16 year old girl at a time I was 24. Her name was Anne Marie, and it was her idea. Her hormones were in maximum overdrive and I was not her first physical contact, so she was already acquainted with the processDid I feel evil or dirty or a child raper... No, not at all. It was a pleasant encounter, even if a little awkward in the back seat of my '73 Grand Prix. And, yes, an encore performance was later held. We remained as friends after that, but would eventually part company.

The problem with juvenile sex is that the youngins disregard the basic rules, Sex dates and any subsequent bragging to others consign the boys to the "stud" category, while the girls get a "fuckin' cheap slut" or "filthy whore" nameplate.Again it is the mores and attitudes of a society that finds a sense of satisfaction in reducing someone else to the lowest common denominator, while they themselves are a pitiable and irresponsible addition to the planet.

And for this century, it doesn't seem to matter the age of the participants, anyway, as parental responsibilty is limited to the nine month incubation period, after which, well, who knows. Being an expectant parent is way cool and good for all kinds of attention and prize awards... being a parent of a human being is pain-in-the-A S S.

But what's the deal with the boy involved ???There are all sorts of 15 year olds out there. Maybe the Brock ladies offer a discount for a mother/daughter act.

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