Race/Gender-Based Abortions: GOP Lawmakers Refuse to Provide any Evidence They Even Happen in Arizona

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If you happen to have a problem with a Sasquatch trampling your lawn or unicorns eating your shrubs or  a leprechaun's running amok in your garage, just call state Representative Steve Montenegro or state Senator Nancy Barto -- they seem to have a knack for solving problems that don't actually exist...on your dime.

The Arizona House of Representatives voted yesterday to send a bill penned by Montenegro to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer that would force any doctor who performs an abortion to sign an affidavit confirming that the reason for the abortion wasn't the race or gender of the fetus.

The bill also allows the father of the fetus -- as long as he's married to the woman who gets an abortion -- to sue a doctor if he thinks an abortion was performed based on race or sex.

A violation of the proposed law would be a class 3 felony.

"This legislation really is needed. Sex-selection abortions are happening in this country, and it's time that we address it head on," Barto told Cronkite News Service yesterday.

Prove it, Nancy.

So far, there's been no evidence to suggest that abortions performed for either of those reasons are even a problem in Arizona.

"There is no indication that this is even an issue," Planned Parenthood Arizona spokeswoman Cynde Cerf told New Times.

Cerf, rather, feels that the bill "is just to further damage the reputations of women who get an abortion."

Rather than simply take Cerf's word for it, we e-mailed both Barto and Montenegro demanding just a sliver of evidence to validate their claim that these types of abortions are enough of a problem in Arizona to justify the proposed law -- and the amount of their time (and your money) they spent pushing it through the legislative process.

See an excerpt of the e-mail below:

i have sent each of you e-mails in the past asking for a single shred of evidence that suggests abortions being performed for either of those reasons is even a problem in arizona. neither of you have gotten back to me. sen. barto, you recently said "This legislation really is needed. Sex-selection abortions are happening in this country, and it's time that we address it head on." do you have any information whatsoever to back that up? i'm not sure if you've seen anything i've written about this, but i'm very critical of the bill because i've seen absolutely no evidence suggesting it's a problem. my problem with this bill is not that you want to prevent these types of abortions from happening, my problem is that it seems like you're wasting your time, and my -- and every other taxpayer in arizona's -- money by even discussing it when there's no evidence to support your claims that it's even an issue..if you have any evidence to support your claim that abortions being performed for either of these reasons is a problem in arizona (not china), i'm all ears. and you may even change my mind. if people are actually doing this, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. that said, i've seen no evidence suggesting it's a problem, and my guess is you haven't either.

please get back to me.

thank you

The lawmakers' response: crickets.

Neither Barto or Montenegro bothered to get back to us.

The bill now heads to the desk of Brewer, who -- based her strong stance against abortion, and her proclivity for ignoring common sense -- will probably sign it.

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This bill is fucked up. What it should do is put latinos/hispanics/mexican abortions at the top of the list because there are way too many of them populating this planet at an alarming rate. If they could pay them then it wouldn't matter as much to me but consiering that most of the latino/mexican crowd are on welfare thanks to my friends and familys tax money then I guess I have a say in the matter.

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

It makes me sad that your parents didn't have sense enough to abort you. No offense.

To Nature's Big Mistake
To Nature's Big Mistake


Know what else there's too many of - examples of human garbage such as yourself.

I have never met you and am very grateful for that. But I know who you are. One of the derelict white skinned abominations that make us Caucasians look bad.

While you parade around as though you think you're better than those of a different ethnicity, all you end up proving is that you are NOT better; that in truth you are laughable charade of human existence. You are a failure at most everything you attempt to do in life, but instead of accepting your personal ineptness, lack of self esteem, absence of basic intelligence, abysmal performance in any type of relationship, and insipid personality that makes you an unacceptable candidate for employment, an undesirable spouse to either man or woman, and an embarrassing family member to all in your blood line, you spend all your time looking for someone else to blame.

Nature made a tragic mistake the day you broke water.

You are a fool and an embarrassment to us all... Get Over It


You must not understand; while some immigrants are here illegally, they are not all sucking off the the welfare system. In order for one to qualify for welfare, they must prove they are a citizen, which would mean they would have to relinquish papers to provide proof.. you know the same papers that would be required if nationality came under question per the costly and failed SB 1070. Think your statements through idiot. Also, what you are advocating here is a system of eugenics, something I really wish your grand-parents would have went through when the government was practicing in the early-mid 1900's, then we wouldn't have to deal with someone with such a low IQ like yourself.


Um...you are replying to someone whose brain is the size of a tick. This is exactly why she doesn't understand anything. Just give her his meth pipe and let the cops take care of him. The law will do him just fine and dandy.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Hmmmm.....do those 2 wacky wing-nuts think their is alot of females here? Thus the "gender" of it. Seriously, I don't mind. I love pussy and would love more.

My Baby's Daddy is...
My Baby's Daddy is...


For Governor Jan, "ignoring common sense" is not so much a proclivity but her political mandate. It seems that both sense and courtesy are the two least common attributes of the Phoenix population. And the State's civic center zombies set the standard for this.In my entire lifetime I cannot remember one instance in which undesired gender or fetal ethnicity served as an excuse for abortion in this country, though no doubt it is not unheard of.

I'd have to guess that the parents of the expecting mother are the ones who might pressure a woman into aborting their fetus out of anger or intolerance toward the suspected father, particularly if said father was of an ethnicity found to be less than acceptible by parents of the pregnant woman who may need their support post-natal. That is a sad aspect of our world, in which so many folks fear the wrath of their God should they even think of abortion, except when the father happens to be one of "Those People", then they'll take steps to stop it in the womb and deal with their God by putting an extra 20 bucks in the collection plate come Sunday morning.

The human race is a never ending source of inhuman practices. One can't have an abortion because you'll piss off your God. But God will let you get away with it if the child is of an inferior gene network. God will be angry if you bump off a fetus, so some women think, but that same woman will spend the incubation period smoking Meth, drinking vodka, and acting like a whore. God's cool with that ??? Wow !!!

And how many children have I known in all my years that were used as a bargaining piece against an estranged and recalcitrant parent who won't give in to the other parent's wishes."Do as I say, or I swear to God you'll never get to see the kids again."

In the 21st Century the family unit is comprised not of a father and mother, but of a "My Baby's Momma" and a "My Baby's Daddy".

If incubating fetuses knew what the world was really like and they themselves had a vote in whether or not they got born... I wonder how many of them would still want to come ?Steve Tracy of Phoenix


It's just the small government folks who want to extend their reach into the uteruses of the people. Thankfully, they are fighting to keep the Dems out of my healthcare, because that is true government over-reach. *Eyes Roll*Recall them now, or enjoy watching the GOP spend our money in ways that will not better anything for anybody.

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