Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris Moving to City Hall? New Times Sources Say That's What's Going Down

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Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris
Sources tells New Times that city officials have been behind closed doors all day trying to figure out what's next after police finally admitted there are inaccuracies with the agency's reported U.S.-Mexico border related kidnapping statistics.
The word now is that Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris will move to City Hall and retain his other title of Public Safety Manager. And sources tell New Times that Executive Assistant Chief Joe Yahner will serve as Acting Police Chief.
New Times left a message for Toni Maccarone, a city spokeswoman who was not immediately available for comment

Check back for updates.

And, meantime, read previous posts on questions surrounding Phoenix kidnapping statistics and how Phoenix police handled inquiries about their veracity:

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Double dipper. Absurd.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It's far past time for Mr. Harris to stop with the facade of being the Manager of Public safety while acting as Chief of Police. One or the other, Mr. Harris, but not both. The city needs to appoint a CHIEF of Police and end this whole political facade that was perpetrated by Phil Gordon, Frank Fairbanks, and the sitting city council at the time. The employees of the police department have a right to know who their chief executive is.


Dude, you do realize you just got a police chief of a major city REMOVED! Where's the celebratory lunch going to be held in your honor? Dos Molinos? I'll buy the first pitcher of margaritas. I know the cops don't go there because the owner doesn't give them free meals so at least it will be safe.

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