Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos: Changes Slated for Phoenix Police Department

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City Manager David Cavazos
There has been a firestorm of reaction from Phoenix officials over admissions that the kidnapping statistics generated by the Phoenix Police Department are inaccurate.

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris is steaming over reports that the he will be reassigned, and it remains unclear what exactly will happen with his post.

However, change is a-coming.

Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Neely wrote in a statement that City Manager David Cavazos "advised the council of his intent to make a change in the day-to-day operations of the Phoenix Police Department."

She suggested in that statement that Harris not only needs to be accountable, but also accept responsibility for his actions, as well as the actions of his employees.

"The Council relies on the departments to do their job and provide accurate information
to assist us in our decision making. We need transparency in all levels of city government and it is the responsibility of the City Manager to keep things in order and make sure that department heads are accountable."

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

This could actually be a very good change for the police department. With Phil Gordon being a lame duck, and Mr. Fairbanks retired and not able to protect Mr. Harris it may actually be time for Mr. Harris to either do his job as Manager of Public Safety, or leave and find something else to keep him busy.

I firmly believe that Gordon and Fairbanks made a huge mistake by creating the facade of Mr. Harris being MPS, when he was, in fact, working as Chief of Police. I can't imagine how some of the PPD executive staff must have felt when they were not given a shot at the top job just so Gordon could keep Mr. Harris aboard.

I think Mr. Harris has been good for PPD, but I also think he has outlived his effectiveness and he needs to move on and let someone else deal with the headaches that come with being the chief executive of the organization.

While changes are being made it's too bad city management can't do something to get rid of Mark Spencer at PLEA.... He, in my opinion, is really not much more than "Chicken Little", or a bloated version of Barney Fife. At least the fictional character Fife knew what his station in 'life' was supposed to be. Spencer, not so much, I'm afraid...

I admire the women and men of PPD and am very glad I live in Phoenix and am served by their agency.

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