Paul Larkin, Pinal County Assessor, Over Legal Limit in DUI Arrest

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L. Paul Larkin, Pinal County Assessor, had a blood-alcohol level of .11 in his DUI arrest last month, officials say.

Pinal County Assessor Paul Larkin had a .11 blood alcohol level the night he was arrested on suspicion of DUI last month.

The elected official was arrested February 7 following a tip to a Pinal County Web site that he often hits a bar after work and drives home "inebriated," as our blog post about Larkin's public indiscretion disclosed. A deputy from the Pinal County Sheriff's office staked out the Kokopelli Moon Saloon and, after observing Larkin's pickup weaving, pulled him over.

Larkin blew a .099 in a breath teast. But, as Sheriff Paul Babeu's spokesman, Tim Gaffney, tells us today, the word from the Arizona Department of Public Safety's crime lab is that Larkin's bloodwork revealed the greater number.

In an e-mail, Gaffney writes:

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office will be submitting the below charges to the Coolidge City Court next week regarding this case. 1. Driving while impaired to the slightest degree by alcohol. 2. Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more.

True, Larkin wasn't totally shitfaced, but he's well over the legal limit. A conviction should be a snap.

This won't mean Larkin will have to step down, and since he's been the assessor since 19-frickin'-84, he probably won't. It could hurt Larkin in the next election.

This could mean good news next year for Pinal County landowners, since Larkin'll be looking for a little extra love from voters.

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I think that Pinal County Sheriff's Department is a joke. I have an injunction against a neighbor because he pointed a gun at me. He was arrested but Pinal County never charged him with anything. This person has shown many paterns of having amental problem. Everytime I call Pinal County to ask them to enforce the injunction they refuse. This person not only has physcially picked up his girlfriend's 10 year son and thru him in the back of his truck, threatening to beat him with his belt. (He took off his belt and waved it in the air) He has also driven through Coolidge in an event of road rage with the same child in his vehicle. This man was driving 75 mpr in a 35 mph zone. Coolidge police wanted to charge him with a felony but the Pinal County sheriff office slapped him on the hand and said "Don't be a bad man." Well today he displayed the same behavior of road rage, verbally threatened me and my family and Pinal County Sheriff does nothing. This man has a gun! He has a mental issue. He needs help. What does it take to get Pinal County Sheriff to see that this man is unstable and why do they NOT enforce my injunction? Do I have to be killed? Does an innocent person have to be harmed by this mentally unstable person? Is he going to one day go off on the deep end. I know I am not a politian or anyone famous but this is another Jared Lee Loughner just waiting to happen. I need someone who can help me.

Tcniner Guy
Tcniner Guy

I believe I read an earlier story indicating the guy routinely spends his afternoons at the bar before going home. Meaning, he either takes vacation time off to drink (not likely) or he's imbibing while being paid by the taxpayer. In any case if he is drinking every day, early in the day, he is alcoholic and needs help. This arrest may actually save his life, and probably injury or death to others.

The BAC results are actually very high for Jim or Jill Average. Most of us have trouble walking a straight line with that much alcohol in our system. I am thinking this guy is what is called a 'conditioned drunk', meaning "I didn't know he drank until I saw him sober once"...


Of course, he is a democrat. Republicans get to have their mom,dad and sisterpick them up and no alcohol testing done.


he looks like a nice man, I'd let him off with a warning this time.


Post this on the Pinal Slient Whistle website just like the one who turned Larkin in. It obviously works.

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