Mayor Hopeful Greg Stanton Still Leading in Arrogant Butcher's Straw Poll

Categories: Election 2011
Most of the straws in the Arrogrant Butcher's straw poll are pointing at Greg Stanton.
C'mon people ... where is the competition?

Greg Stanton, former deputy attorney general and Phoenix councilman, continues his lead in a straw poll for the mayor's race at the Arrogant Butcher, a new-ish downtown restaurant at 2 E. Jefferson Street.

Stanton had the lead in the first week with 168 votes, and was up to 299 by Week Two.

See the rest of the results below.

Diners get to cast a ballot at the end of their meals for their favorite mayoral candidate.

And here's how they voted in the third week of the poll, as tweeted by Jason Rose, flak for the restaurant.

Greg Stanton: 364
Claude Mattox: 218
Peggy Neely:156
Wes Gullett: 109
Thane Eichenauer: 58


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More of the same if one of the above listed candidates wins the mayoral race.  I've followed  "all" the candidates and have listened.  They all say the same thing, what we all want to hear from a prospective mayor, jobs, schools, crime and how wonderful they are... My own personal selection for our mayor is without a doubt is, Jennifer Wright.  To me, she makes more sense.  I hope you all have heard of her?  And, she is not a professional politician.


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it's a heat
it's a heat

Wow, what a scientific poll this is, especially since some candidates are having their staff/volunteers go there on purpose to vote.

Law Dog
Law Dog

What is sad is how much attention this stupid trick is getting from the media. It is a stupid PR stunt... And we wonder why there is 18% turnout. Winning the strawpoll is about as relevant as Greg's campaign.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Peggy Neely might get more support if she actually announces and stops with her show of 'exploratory committee' jazz..... If she is this undecided on whether she wants to run for mayor why would she be any less decisive with critical decisions as mayor? Please Peggy, make a decision.

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