Phoenix Mom Dumps Out Whiskey, Son Tries to Kill Her, Police Say

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Robert Francis Conley probably doesn't have a "mom" tattoo
Apparently Robert Conley doesn't believe in the phrase "mother knows best," since he allegedly tried to murder his mom after she poured out his bottle of whiskey.

According to documents obtained by New Times, Conley, 31, went to his mother's Phoenix apartment Thursday evening and began drinking a bottle of Southern Comfort.

When his mother came home, she dumped out the rest of the bottle, which didn't sit too well with Conley.

The cops say Conley began slapping and punching his mother in the face, and then choking her until she passed out twice, all while yelling, "I'm going to kill you."

As police say Conley was about to choke her with his belt, the cops knocked on the door and Conley started to run.

Conley ran to the rooftop of the apartment building, climbed down three balconies, and broke into another apartment and into the hallway, before running down the stairs straight into the cops.

Police say Conley wasn't done yet though, as he told family members from jail that he was going to kill them when he got out.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, Conley was just released from prison in October 2010, where he did two years for -- you guessed it -- assaulting his mother.

Conley faces one charge of attempted second-degree murder.

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did his mother end up dying? on it shows he is being charged with 1 felony count of 2nd degree murder.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I supposed the phrase: "Blood is thicker than water", means nada to the White Drunkard in the mug above.Family doesn't come first, but his Whiskey. His mother should disown him.

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

No -- at least not in that incident. Looks like a data entry error from MCSO.

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