John McCain's Presidential Run: They're Actually Making a Movie About it

Who's going to play "the Maverick' in HBO's upcoming flick Game Change?
Hollywood actually has taken an interest in Senator John McCain's failed bid for the presidency in 2008, which raises an interesting question: who's going to play the role of "The Maverick?"

The movie is getting produced by HBO, and is based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's bestselling book, Game Change, in which the authors air some of the McCain campaign's dirty laundry -- namely, Sarah Palin and her continual battles with campaign staffers.

According to People Magazine, Julianne Moore is already signed on to play Palin (although, SNL star Tina Fey already has proven her remarkable ability to portray the former Alaska governor).

The role of McCain, however, is still up for grabs.

One potential faux-"Mav" is Robert Duvall, who stumped for McCain in New Mexico during the 2008 election. 

Another possibility would be Steve Martin, who according to People's entertainment staff, "could bring a sense of humor to the role. And any political race where a guy named Joe the Plumber becomes an overnight sensation deserves a the comedy treatment."

Others names being tossed around to play McCain are Ed Harris of The Truman Show fame, and Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan.

Click here to cast your vote for who you think could best portray "the Mav."  

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Play the part of McCain?

Adolph Hitler?Sudam Hussien, but there not available are they?My condolences to the Family Members of the One Hundred and Fifty "Real Troops" that Died on the Deck of a Carrier trying to put out the Flames of one of the Five Aircraft's John McCain Crashed after being placed ahead of many, many far more Qualified, but less Financially Fortunate Navy Pilots.

There is a "Warm Place in Hell" Waiting for someone?

How in Hell do you sleep McCain?

The Maverick?

To" Human Justice.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

I thought Tina Fey did a heck-of-ah job portraying that wacky wonder from Wahsilla. Showing us all how stupid the former Alaskian Gov. really is. They need someone who can best play that simpleton.

Thomas Chi
Thomas Chi

Julianne Moore is excellent and I know because Sarah Palin impersonators model for all my books on Sarah Palin (and I have three now). They are hard to find. SNL parties, Halloween at the Hollywood Roosevelt, and at nightclubs in Las Vegas, finding a Sarah Palin impersonator who can deliver lines like Palin is impossible. Sarah Palin has a monopoly on "Folksy" phonetics . I have been casting for Sarah Palin impersonators since 2008. Sarah Palin's trip to India will ruin US. The people of India will have no respect for her, but the visit will promote Julianne Moore new movie where Moore plays Palin. Sarah better watch out. Jealous much, with Sarah away Todd might find Moore interest in films.

Thomas ChiAuthorSelling Sex with Sarah PalinWebsite:PresidentSarah.Net


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