John Galliano, Alleged Anti-Semitic Fashion Designer, Checking into Arizona Rehab Center, According to USA Today's Rumor Department

John Galliano apparently hearts Adolph Hitler.
Unlike Charlie Sheen, fashion designer John Galliano -- the other pseudo-celebrity to apparently go off the deep end this week -- isn't "winning!" He is, however, heading to rehab and -- per-usual when a celebrity needs to kick one habit or another -- he's "rumored" to be rehabing in Arizona.

At the same facility Tiger Woods was "rumored" to have attended when he was treated for his poon addiction in late 2009.

As you may have heard, Galliano was canned by fashion house Christian Dior for making anti-semetic statements (the guy apparently loves Hitler. Jews... not so much) while apparently drunk at a cafe in Paris.

Today, USA Today reports that, at the urging of his high-profile pals -- including models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss -- Galliano is "rumored" to be going to rehab.

USA Today's rumor department goes further to say that he will do so at The Meadows, a facility in Wickenburg that's treated several celebrity junkies in recent years.

In December 2009, the rumor mill churned out reports that Tiger Woods was heading to The Meadows to treat his addictions to sex and various prescription drugs. The rumor mill, as is often the case, turned out to be wrong -- Woods attended a rehab center in Mississippi.

As for Galliano coming to the Grand Canyon State for rehab: we'll believe it when we see it.

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I think it's a great step forward to him - I know a couple people who went thereto the meadows and they all say it's fantastic. Just hope he's serious about getting better.

Ms Info
Ms Info

Ugh. The last thing we need in this state is to import more racist assholes. We've got more than our fair share.

Sister Christian Dior
Sister Christian Dior

Whether or not Galliano is in AZ, this illustrates the widely-accepted but stupid-on-its-face notion embraced by many in the entertainment world that whenever a person says/does something idiotic, he/she can just "go to rehab" and all of his/her troubles will vanish (see Mel Gibson, Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy, etc.). They are blind to the fact that rehab doesn't cure MajorPrickitis.

I'm sure Galliano will claim that alcohol made him say the things he did. But I saw the video of his Paris bar rant. He didn't look drunk - but he DID look like an A-hole. You can't cure that in rehab.

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