Joe Arpaio to Pay $76,000 Over Illegal Mailers Attacking Rick Romley

Joe Arpaio's gonna have to cough up $76,000 over illegal attack ads on his arch-nemesis Rick Romley.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio won't admit any wrongdoing in his campaign mailer attacks on former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley during last year's special election for county attorney, but he will pay $76,000 to make the problem go away.

The $76,000 is a nice chunk of change -- even for a guy who as of last year had about $1.8 million in his campaign coffers -- but it's less than half of the $154,000 Arpaio originally was fined for the illegal ads.

Say what you will about Romley, but Arpaio's attacks were sleazy politics -- even for America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."

In case you forgot, during the campaign, Arpaio distributed mailers claiming Romley -- his arch-nemesis who at the time was running in a special election against Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery after Arpaio toady Andrew Thomas resigned from that post to run for attorney general -- wanted Governor Jan Brewer to veto Senate Bill 1070 (gasp!), a big no-no for a Republican in Arizona. 

Arpaio took a similar sleaze-ball approach in bashing Attorney General Tom Horne during last year's GOP primary. In that case, Arpaio coughed up the cash for campaign ads bashing Horne, claiming he was -- amongst other things -- pro-statutory rape. Horne at the the time was running for the GOP nomination for attorney general against Thomas.

See one of the ads here.

Arpaio, meanwhile, wasn't running for anything, but ponied up the cash to help out his partners in crime, which violated election law.

The mailers against Romley were ruled to be "in-kind contributions" to a political campaign. However, the ads against Horne were permitted when a judge rejected Horne's request to have an injunction against them last summer.

The good news: this time, the money to pay for Arpaio's ethical blunders will come out of the sheriff's re-election fund, not the county checking account.

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Of course the Old Fool won't admit fault. He and his hit squads are NEVER at fault, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

I agree that the $76K should come out of the Flaccid Fool's own pocket. Maybe he can sell that land he paid $800K for, in cold hard cash.....

Then again, I think the voters deserve a bit of that money. As well as reimbursement for the $43 million we've already paid and the $59 million we are actually on the hook for..... That comes out to roughly $41,000 for each person in Nazicopa County.....

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Nativist asswipes are the purported "majority" of taxpayers in Sandland, it will hurt them the most.

Keep up with your foolish antics Shurf Foe.


ChaChing...The Bozo Joe Arpaio ATM machine pays out again.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

["Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio won't admit any wrongdoing"]

The asshole is not capable of admitting wrongdoing. Think about it, Mr. King. When is the last time you, or anyone from the New Times staff, remember the Flaccid Fool, or ANYONE representing MCSO saying they had made a mistake or were at fault?

Even after courts have found that the Wrinkled Winkle or one of his employees was civilly and/or criminally liable, he/they don't have the ethics or intestinal fortitude to say they were wrong or made a mistake...

Even the Fonz had enough character to admit he was wrong....

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

["Say what you will about Romley, but Arpaio's attacks were sleazy politics"]

It can be said that when it comes to sleazy Mr. Arpaio has no equal.


He doesn't give a shit; his illegal mailers did exactly what he wanted them to do. If only something like this could cause the election results to be null and void and a new vote be taken. But that's not how it works.

And Arpaio knows it. It's how he has conducted his entire career.


I just wish that the money was coming out of his own pocket.

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