Jan Brewer's Quest to Find Headless Cartel-Linked Bodies in Desert Finally Yields Fruit...in a Chandler Home

Remember last year when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer crowed about all the headless bodies littering the Arizona desert?

"Law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded," the gaffe-prone governor squawked.

Then, Brewer had to backtrack because there weren't actually headless bodies strewn about the desert, as the governor had claimed.

Well, good news, Jan -- authorities finally found one...at a home in Chandler.

The Chandler Police Department believes the headless body of a man found in a Chandler apartment building, um, lost his head as retaliation for stealing 400 pounds of weed from a Mexican drug cartel.

Martin Alejandro Cota Monroy, 38, a.k.a. "Jando," was found on the living room floor at a home at 300 West Fairview Street on October 9 of last year. His head was found on the floor several feet away.

Cota Monroy, police believe, ripped off weed and crystal meth from the drug cartel known as the PEI-Estatales/El Chapo Drug Trafficking Organization. He then blamed the missing drugs on Border Patrol agents.

The cartel sent a hit squad to take care of Cota Monroy, but he told his would-be killers that he would pay the money back by putting a house he didn't own up as collateral. He then fled to a "safe house."

The cartel sent another hit squad to Phoenix to find Cota Monroy, befriend him, and kill him, which it did.

The three three alleged assassins, Juan Campos Morales Aguilar, Jose David Castro Reyes and a third man known only as "El Joto" stabbed Cota Monroy, beat him, and ultimately cut off his head.

The suspects got away. They were last seen traveling in a 2003 Red Ford Expedition with the California license plate 6FWR784.
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Well well... Governor Jan Brewer sung like a drunken (probably because she was drunk) canary about headless bodies in the Arizona desert, all the while knowing there weren't any.

I wonder what she has to say now that one's been found? I bet she'll squawk in her gravelly, phlegm-infested voice (at a news conference no doubt) that she was right the whole time about the decapitations even while campaigning for the Governor's Office.

Yup..... Some leader you are, Jan. Sure makes me glad I supported Libertarian Barry Hess.....

I do feel bad for the victim though. To be beheaded over drugs is extreme, to say the least.....


A headless body? Quick, somebody look to see if there's a state senator missing:)

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

I still don't understand why it's better to be shot/stabbed/beaten to death as opposed to beheaded. Seems like it would be a relatively quick and painless death by comparison.


check out bloodshows.com. look for "A Message from Los Zetas" right on the home page. the cinematography is stunning and it's a really good example of mexican handiwork. you probably won't say "I still don't understand..." anymore.

you're welcome!


Maybe a Saudi Swordsman could make it a quick an painless death. But if I were to behead you with a Swiss Army knife?

The real truth
The real truth

Since we're on the subject of drug cartel violence, I'm looking forward to the story that New Times does about how the ATF - and not lax Arizona gun laws - allowed hundreds of weapons to be bought in the state and taken to Mexico while doing nothing to stop it.http://www.cbsnews.com/stories...


What the ATF did with their "Fast & Furious" operation is most disgusting, especially when the Mexican authorities were not included in this! However, I must question AZ gun laws that would allow this mass purchase. How far-reaching is this sting? Is the gun buyer in on this? The vendor? As someone who has not considered purchasing a weapon for protection (until recently!) I wonder what proof of citizenship was provided during that transaction. These concerns although valid do not diminish the disasterous role ATF had in this sting.

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