If You Stay at 49-Year-Old Michael Jenks' House, There's a Good Chance You'll Get Drunk -- and Possibly Molested

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Michael Jenks allegedly likes booze, drugs, and little girls.
The man pictured is 49-year-old Michael Alan Jenks, of Mesa, and he allegedly likes to give little girls drugs and alcohol, and then feel them up.

Jenks got popped on Tuesday for allegedly molesting three young girls, two of whom were blood relatives of his living in his home.

According to court douments obtained by New Times, Jenks' two relatives, a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old, each say he would feed them drugs and booze, and then molest them as they were in bed watching a movie.

On one occasion, the 13-year-old was fed drugs and alcohol, and ended up in a bed with Jenks where he allegedly touched her breasts and vagina. The girl -- freaked out that a relative would do something like that -- ran to a friends house, where she slept in the lawn until morning.

A similar scene unfolded with the 12-year-old, court records show.

Jenks fed the girl drugs and alcohol and felt her up as the two were in his bed watching a movie together.

The two girls reported the abuse to police last October. They also reported that Jenks had abused at least one of their friends.

Another victim, a then 7th-grade girl, was also felt up by Jenks while she was living in his house with him and his family.

The girls all moved out of Jenks' house in November because of his alcohol abuse.

One of the girls partook in a confrontation call with Jenks, during which he admitted to abusing the girls. However, when he spoke to police, Jenks assured them that his home was "the stable one in the neighborhood."

What neighborhood from hell is Jenks living in?

Jenks has been charged with one count of child molestation, and three counts of sexual abuse. 

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Demand The Truth
Demand The Truth

I have known this man all my life. Just the headline has two lies in it. He's not 49. He's 48. He's not from Mesa. He's from Tempe. The article itself also has several untruths in it. Some of it may be true, but why believe anything when you know for a fact that the author tells lies just to entertain the public. Get your story right if you're gonna print degrading stuff like that! You should be fired!

Dude From The East Valley
Dude From The East Valley

Actually that ugly butt-faced perv only molests little girls. "Chances" of him molesting a grown heteosexual dude, thus ending up in a casket is 50-50.


Somewhere, a synagogue is searching for a new Rabbi...

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